Teaching Learning Practises

Monitoring - Teaching Learning Practices at NBN SSOE is being monitored as follows


  • Teaching -
    • Feedback - Quality of Teaching is accessed by taking feedback from the following heads.
      • Academic Monitoring Committee
      • Principal
      • HOD
      • Self
    • Teaching Plan - It is the systematic planning of syllabus which includes topic covered along with the dates.

  • Learning -
    • Class Teacher- For every class, one faculty is allocated as a class teacher.
      • Teacher Guardian- For a group of 20 students a Teacher Guardian is assigned to monitor the academic progress of individual student.
        • Attendance of Students- Attendance of Students is being monitored by Teacher Guardian by the following ways.
          • Daily
          • Monthly Letter to Parents (If required )
          • SMS
          • Phone Call to Parents (If required )

        • Student’s Performance ( Theory & Practicals)- Student’s Performance is continuously evaluated in theory as well as practicals through :
          • Assignments
          • Tests
          • Mock Practicals