Mechanical Engineering

HOD's Desk


Prof . M. M. Joshi
H.O.D, Mech Engg.

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering of NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering. The Department is established in the year 2012-13 and offers undergraduate program (B.E.) in Mechanical Engineering and Post Graduate program (M.E.) in ‘Design Engineering’. We have more than 600 UG students and 24 PG students who are pursuing graduation and post graduation in mechanical engineering respectively in this academic year. We have in all 36 faculties out of which 2 are doctorate and 7 faculties are pursuing PhD.

Mechanical Engineering department has started "Industry Institute Interaction Cell", to provide exposure to the students to the industry. Our Department faculties are providing consultancy work with the equipment viz. IC Engine Test Rig, Universal Testing Machine, FFT Analyser, Reciprocating Air Compressor etc.

Mechanical Engineering is one of the fundamental branches of engineering. It has got dominance in every aspect of our life. Aircraft and Ship-building, Automobiles, Trains, Power plant engineering, Dentistry, Surgical equipments, Defense sector etc. are some of the highlighted areas for instance. Hence, the demand of mechanical engineers is ever-rising.