Mechanical Engineering


I) Well Equipped Spacious Laboratories as per norms of AICTE & Syllabus of Savitribai Phule Pune University

II) Connectivity –

a) Wired –

i) 10 MBPs +2 MBPS (1:1) -  Leased Line

ii) 2 MBPs - Broadband.

b) Wi-Fi in the Campus.


III) Laboratories with major Equipments of Department of Mechanical Engineering

1. Computer Aided Design

Creo Parametric University Bundle, 49 Desktop Computers, and 01-plotter

2. PG Lab

Ansys 15.0, MATLAB, Matercam X9, MSC- Nastran, Patran, ADAMS-CAE Software, 15 Desktop Computers and 01-printer

3. Dynamics of Machinery Lab

FFT Analyser, Universal Vibration System, Dynamic balancing Machine, Forced vibration machine under different damping conditions, Two rotor system

4. Metallurgy Lab

Brinnel cum Vickers Hardness Tester, Rockwell Harness Tester, Poldi Hardness test, Muffle furnace, Jominy End Quench test Apparatus, Magnetic particle and Dye penetrant Crack Detector, Trinacular Microscope, Binocular Microscope

5. Fluid Mechanics Lab

Modified Bernoulli's equipment, Reynolds Apparatus, Impact of Jet on Vane apparatus


6. Turbo Machinery Lab

Centrifugal pump test rig, Pelton wheel turbine test rig, Francis turbine test rig

7. Heat Transfer Lab

Thermal conductivity of metal rod apparatus, Thermal conductivity of Insulating powder apparatus, Composite wall apparatus, Natural convection apparatus, Forced convection apparatus, Emissivity measurement apparatus, Stefan Boltzmann apparatus, Pool boiling apparatus, Parallel and counter flow apparatus, Vapour Compression Refrigeration test rig, Ice plant test rig, Air Conditioning Test rig

8. Thermodynamics Lab

Two stage reciprocating Air Compressor Test Rig, Gas Analyser, Variable Compression Ratio Diesel Engine Test Setup, Variable speed multi cylinder petrol
engine test rig., Separating and Throttling calorimeter, Junker's gas calorimeter


9. Mechatronics Lab

PLC based bottle filling plant, PLC Programming trainer Kit

10. Metrology and Quality Control Lab

Profile projector, Tool Makers Microscope, Interferometric unit

11. Strength of Materials Lab

Universal Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine

12. Theory of Machines Lab

Cam Analysis machine, Universal Governor, Epicyclic gear train apparatus, Steering gear, Gyroscope, Four Wheeler Synchromesh Gear Box

13. Workshop

Lathe machines, CO2 Arc Welding Machine,

14. Advanced machine shop

CNC machine, Special purpose lathe, Milling Machine

15. Drawing hall

Alekhan imperial drawing boards 23”x32”


Sr. No.

Name of the Lab

Major Equipment in the department