Engineering Sciences



1) Well Equipped Spacious Laboratories as per norms of AICTE & Syllabi of          University of Pune.

2) Connectivity –

a)       Wired – i) 10 MBPs +2 MBPS (1:1) -  Leased Line

ii) 2 MBPs - Broadband.

b)       Wi-Fi in the Campus.


3)   Laboratories

  • Engineering Chemistry Lab: Well equipped lab

The instruments are Muffel furnace, pH meter , Conductivity meter, Electric oven and magnetic stirrer of new technolog.

  • Engineering Physics Lab: Well equipped lab

All instruments of new technology


  • Basic Civil and Environmental Engineering Lab :

Well equipped lab with Laser level, GPS, Dumpy Level.

Engineering Mechanics

Fundamentals Programming Lab

  • Well equipped lab with 60 PCs with intel Core i3 and i5 Processors

Projector and LCD screen laser Jet Printers and Campus License for Windows 7.

  • High speed internet connectivity on

all PC.

Software – AutoCAD.