Department of Mechanical Engineering


Helping Hand Committee

NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering, Ambegaon (BK) Pune (NBNSSOE) students started Helping Hand Committee (HHC) in 2012. This community is run by students as nonprofit organization with a great ambition of empowering the primary education for needy students in the vicinity of NBNSSOE campus.

Through this committee we helped Mamata Foundation Which work for HIV +Ve and Orphan Children aged Between 2 to 18 Years. We have donated Cupboard, Water Purifier, Food Stuff, Stationeries and also Sponsored 6 months milk which costs 43,000 .

Faculty Coordinator : Prof. M.V.Mugale (Mech)

Student Involved in Helping Hand Committee:

  1. Rahul Kumar (T.E. Mech)
  2. Alisha Menon (S.E. Mech)
  3. Kiran Shinde (S.E. Mech)
  4. Jiruwala Amir (T.E. Mech)
  5. Shubmam Junjunwala (S.E. Comp)
  6. Karuna Shinde (S.E. E & TC)