Parents of Shubhankar Pataskar

NBNSSOE, I found this college, creative, friendly, very attentive, sincere and punctual towards students with very good teaching staff and with big beautiful location. I wish all the very best to all.

Parents of Shubhangi Sane

NBN has brought a great chance in the future engineers. There is no requirement of any tuition classes. The professors here are not only well learned, well qualified but also very cooperative. Its because of them the children love learning and try to obtain things as many as possible. So the parents are at their peace.

Parents of Pawan Shinde

Somnath M. Shinde,father of Pavan S. Shinde have enrolled my son in the NBN Sinhgad school of engineering. The staff is very well experienced, also college is showing good progress. The facilities provided here are good.

I am sure that my decision for choosing this college for my son was right.

Parents of Adwaita Joshi,  S.E.Mechanical

"Work upon something you love and you never have to work for single day in your life”. These are my words for the young and dynamic staff at NBNSSOE. The unique feature which I could observe over the past one and half year was their strong interaction with the parents which keeps ourselves updated about our ward in our busy and hectic schedule.


1.NBNSSOE is a great place to be. The teaching faculty is great. I have benefited from the strict attendance rule! I would be looking forward for an exciting year ahead!- Shubhankar

2.NBN is the college were we can depend upon the teachers and automatically learning processes is done. Here we get the most playful as well as studious atmosphere. Learning is not a punishment but a pleasure. Students are so intermingled that the process of learning becomes enjoyment. So this is the place where the engineers are sculpted and are not made. Shubhangi Sane

3.It is really a cheerful experience at NBNSSOE. Every moment which I shared here is enchanting because of the truly dedicated faculties, excellent infrastructure, and pollution free atmosphere. Here at NBN, learning is a pleasure and not drudgery. Here we get the healthy as well as studious atmosphere. The pattern offered by NBN is really nice.