Accredited by NAAC with "A" Grade

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is the Institute recognized by the Government of India?

Ans. Yes. It is recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and Funded by Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQIP) New Delhi – Govt. of India.

Q2. To which University is it affiliated?

Ans. It is affiliated to the University of Pune and governed by the Rules & Regulations of the Maharashtra State & Government of India.

Q3. What will be CET/AIEEE cut off so that I can get admission?

Ans. CET/AIEEE marks cut off varies from year to year and every year it goes higher as the Institute is one of the top in Pune city.

Q4. To which program/discipline should I take admission so that I can have bright future?

Ans. Dear Friend, Engineering should be an attitude and a passion. The Institute has 9 Under-graduate programs i.e. Bio-Tech, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electronics & Telecommunication, Information & Technology, Mechanical, MBA & Production Engineering. Choose the program which suits your aptitude and passion Remember, these all are hard-core Engineering disciplines and you can excel in any one of them!

Q5. Will I get a job-placement in the Industry through college assistance??

Ans. Our Institute has centralized Training & Placement Cell that takes care of Job-placement. Eligible students get good offers from reputed Industries in India and Overseas.

Q6. What kind of job will I get through campus placement?

Ans. We have an excellent track record of Companies offering core Engineering as well as Software jobs during campus recruitment. Depending upon your academic performances and ability you will get offers.

Q7. Will I get accommodation on campus?

Ans. Yes, if you book in advance since campus hostel accommodation is very much in demand. The Institute has luxurious self–sufficient hostel rooms (1000 in numbers) available for National/International students.

Q8. What kind of food is available on the campus?

Ans. There are more than 6 Canteens & Cafeteria catering to the needs of the scholars. You have a wide-variety of choice of different cuisine – local and international dishes.

Q9. What kind of library facility is available?

Ans. Library is a vital need in an academic institution. We have a huge collection i.e. 14375 + books and 175+ International/National journals with 24 x 7 access facility.

Q10. What other kind of representations will I get - along with the Regular degree course?

Ans. We have Co & Extra Curricular activities on various sports, cultural, mass communication, soft-skills etc where you can participate and receive certificates & trophies.

Q11. What kinds of supports are given to extra-ordinarily bright students?

Ans. The Institute is highly quality conscious. Outstanding students (who prove themselves) get supports on all fronts i.e. projects, sponsorship, contingency, travel etc.

Q12. What are the PG programs available in the institute?

Ans. We offer 07 PG programs i.e. Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electronics & Telecommunication, Information & Technology, Mechanical, and MBA. These all are contemporary and State of the Art.

Q13. What are the possibilities for me to seek admission to M.E. after the completion of B.E.?

Ans. Admission to M.E. program is based on the entrance test followed by a Personal interview. GATE qualified candidates are exempted from the test.

Q14. What is the procedure to seek admission to Ph.D. program?

Ans. Institute has 4 Ph. D programs i.e. Chemical, Civil, Electronics & Telecommunication and Mechanical. Admission process is laid down by the University of Pune which consists of entrance tests followed by an interview.

Q15. I am foreign student. How do I get enrolled for the course?

Ans. The Institute has an International Students’ cell which takes care of all the Formal and Informal paperwork needed for the enrollment of international students. It is attached to the International Cell of the University of Pune.