Accredited by NAAC with "A+" Grade

Department of Electronics & Telecommunication

Working With Sinhgad


Sr. No.

Name of Faculty



Dr. M. B. Mali

Excellent environment for engineering and research.


Dr. S. O. Rajankar

I am working with this Institute since 1994. The culture and working environment is very healthy.


Dr. D. G. Ganage

Sinhgad College of Engineering is reputed for the quality of its faculty and the outstanding calibre of students graduating from its undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph. D. programmes.


Prof. V. B. Baru


SCOE is well known institute in India and abroad for academic excellence.


Dr. V. G. Raut

Conducive Environment for Teaching Learning. Organizational culture promotes research and hence the development.


Dr. D. M. Bhalerao

I am very happy working with SCOE and STES. STES had sponsored for my PhD at Aalborg, Denmark.


Prof. S. D. Mali

Teaching is my passion. Sinhgad Institute has given me an opportunity to play my role as a teacher and build the nation by imparting knowledge to the learners through effective teaching-learning process. Working with Sinhgad Institute also helped me to groom my personality in 360 degree.


Prof. J. A. Desai

I am associated with this institute since 2001, first as a student and then as a faculty. This institute has state of the art laboratories and central library. It also strives for all round development of the students and also of faculty.


Prof. M. N. Namewar

My college's biggest feature is its campus, which is quite large and attractive. Faculty members receive full assistance from the Institute, which aids in their entire growth. It's a real pleasure to work with SCOE.


Dr. S. A. Shirsat.

Working with Sinhgad is a nice experience. It has good teaching learning practices.


Dr. R. S. Kawitkar

Very nice working with Sinhgad.


Prof. A. A. Raut

As per my experience work culture at Sinhgad is wonderful and I enjoyed it. Everyone is helpful including HoD and senior faculties. Facilities and infrastructure available are really appreciated.


Prof. S. S. Phule

Sinhgad college has provided me with several opportunities to grow and explore my skills and amazing infrastructure.


Prof. P. M. Dahale

Sinhgad Provided platform to build nation. Students/Youth is greatest power in any Nation. Filling proud as a teacher to educate them.


Prof. G. V. Madhikar

STES & Sinhgad College of Engineering nurtures and molds the students to enter in the rapid fast changing pragmatic world yet maintaining the sensitivity in them. The teaching-learning methodology used by staff boosts the student’s thinking potential and lifts their analyzing skills. Also, the Institute catalyzes and assures a very healthy, amicable but a competitive ambience for our future engineer.


Dr. Yamini Patil

Real satisfaction of the work due to availability of updated softwares, well equipped labs, online platform like msteams during pandemic, wifi connectivity, along with pleasant environment due to campus location and cooperative staff and collogues.


Prof. S. G. Madhikar

Working with STES and SCOE gives great pleasure, Excellent and healthy environment to work.


Prof. M. M. Wankhade

Healthy working environment, Motivation for research activities.


Dr. Y. D.  Chincholkar

Working environment is good in sinhgad.


Dr. S. S. Lokhande

College has modern and innovative infrastructure like Seminar/Lecture halls Well-stocked central as well as departmental libraries Campus-wide Wi Fi connectivity, it provides conductive environment. All aspects relating to the academic recharging and empowerment of the faculty are facilitated by the institution through organizing various workshops and conferences.


Prof. Raksha Wadhekar

The work culture of college is very good. College has excellent academic and college environment is very nice.


Prof. M. N. Kakatkar

It is a proud to work at Sinhgad Engineering College, as all faculty are dedicated. All the faculty have a common goal to educate the students and make them better Human being. It’s always joyful and enthusiastic environment to work at Sinhgad College of Engineering.


Prof. S. A. Koti

Working at Sinhgad College of Engineering, Vadagaon is really a great experience. All the faculties here are very co-operative and friendly. I always got best guidance form my H.O.D. and all my senior faculties.


Prof. Shraphalya Nalawade

Great workplace. Enthusiastic teaching environment. Process orientation.


Prof. S. B. Pawar

Institute is well for education and development of faculty in various era.


Prof. M. H. Ghuge

Good environment for the working in teaching field. Staff is very supportive. Good management.


Prof. H. A. Navare

Disciplined and structured working atmosphere. Outright guidance and assistance from HOD and senior fellows. Co-operative colleagues


Prof. G. A. Thakur

The college is dedicated to making students as quality Engineers, and good human beings.


Prof. Priti Gaikwad

"The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge" this quote is very much true about the Sinhgad College of Engineering. Our college provide best of knowledge to our Students.


Prof. N.V. Kale

A positive working environment, pleasant natural environment.


Prof. S. H. Barshikar

I am working with this college from Last 13 years, Sinhgad College of Engineering Pune is the best college in Maharashtra I’m proud of it