Department of Civil Engineering


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Name of the organization

Date of MoU



Appa Patwardhan Safai W Paryawaran Tantraniketan, Dehugaon


To execute environmental projects and conduct R&D in the fields of solid waste management and non-mechanized waste water treatment


THINKTECH Engineers, Pune


  1. To train the students and faculty related to Building Information Modelling (BIM).
  2. To provide internships to the students.
  3. Organize expert lectures related to Building Information Modelling (BIM).
  4. To promote the students to undertake projects as per the industry needs by providing guidance and resources.


Ultratech Cement Limited


  1. To promote industry institute interaction.
  2. To promote industry driven research and innovation.
  3. To promote any other appropriate mode of interaction agreed upon between industry and institution.
  4. To develop the knowledge of concrete technology in all respects at student level, which are helpful personally to students and in turn will help for future quality improvement of nation by conducting lectures, demonstrations, and practical’s audio-visuals, site visits etc. complete.


Pune Construction Engineering & Research Foundation (PCERF)


  1. Contributing to the modernizing and broadening of the course content to meet industry needs, i.e., PCERF to be an integral part of the Industry Institute Cell of the College for assisting with the development an updated syllabus in accordance with Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU).
  2. Plan site or industry visits.
  3. Invite undergraduate and graduate students to take part in the PCERF Vidyarthi Award.
  4. Identify the students' research projects and offer advice, mentoring, and resources.


Builders Association of India (BAI)


To promote industry institute interaction and internship programs.