NAAC accredited.

Train The Trainer(TTT)

1. Title of the Practice:- TRAIN THE TRAINER (TTT)
TTT program aims at enhancing the academic and intellectual environment in the Institute by providing faculty members with the knowledge, idea and skills to improve the quality of education. The success of an institute curriculum is closely related to its effective implementation. Teachers have to be personally aware of the institute curriculum and improve and enhance the necessary skills to interpret the concept changes accurately. The need for a training programme for teachers plays an essential role in successful education reform. It also serves as a bridge between prospective and experienced educators to meet the new challenges of guiding students towards higher standards of learning and self-development

2. Objectives of the Practice
The main goal of the TTT is to prepare faculty members to present information effectively, respond to student's questions, and lead activities that reinforce learning. Other goals include ensuring that trainers can: Direct participants to supplementary resources and reference materials.
The TTT programs are designed for training the teachers who deliver classroom-based lessons and presentations. It equips the teachers with the necessary knowledge, skills, competence, and confidence to become effective teachers, which improves the value of the academic programmes in place in the institute. After completing the course, the teachers:

  • Can plan, design, and deliver their course more effectively.
  • Know how students learn and how to create a positive learning environment.
  • Have the communication skills and competencies of an effective teacher.


3. The Context
It's more crucial than ever to stay competitive and relevant in your market. However, to be relevant, training and development must be included in the list of factors that contribute to your success. A welltrained and motivated faculty base is critical for the student's overall growth, where the train-the-trainer concept comes into play.
An internal training programme is a great approach to ensure that teachers quickly learn the necessary knowledge and skills to do their jobs properly.

4. The Practice
The TTT practice is a classic example of peer teaching-learning. The senior teachers from the sister institutes play the role of mentors for their colleagues. The training sessions are arranged on the following themes:-

  • planning the lectures and retain the attention of the students for the successful delivery of the lecture Sharing the best practices in teaching-learning
  • Minute to Minute Lecture plan
  • Conducting successful Laboratory sessions
  • Encouraging the students to participate in laboratory sessions proactively.
  • Encouraging the students to prepare the laboratory report themselves and submit it on the same day, same time slot or at least next week same day.

The TTT is practised at least twice a year and reportedly helped the teacher improve their
professional delivery of resource materials lucid and flawless.


5. Problem encountered and Resources required
Some of the problems encountered are as follows:

  • Locating the training materials that can be reused in the form of Open Educational Resources
  • In-house knowledge and resources (content creators, video equipment, etc) required to build training content.
  • Access to classroom space for in-person training sessions.
  • Commercial aspects of some of the courses that cover some of training needs.
  • Run surveys for trainers to evaluate their courses and experts.
  • The kind of IT support for training
  • Getting the free schedule of the senior teachers for the training programs