NAAC accredited with "A" grade


NSS has been introduced at Savitribai Phule Pune University since 1969 as a part of the academic programs and since then NSS has been functioning as a regular feature in the realm of our university education.

The overall objective of the scheme is educational and service to the community is the activity through which the objective is sought to be achieved. It is a student-cantered program in which projects are implemented by the NSS volunteers in the community in close collaboration with the community and thereby it provides vast scope for the student's interaction with the people.

The overall objective of this scheme is ‘Education and Service’ to the community and by the community. It is a programmer for students to cater to the needs of the community, as and when required. It will also help the students to communicate with the society. The students joining this scheme develop many behavioral interactive skills. They visit the rural areas as NSS volunteers during the camps organized by the concerned colleges or departments of the university. The NSS volunteers take initiative in developing a Technocratic Environment and also help the underprivileged people to develop themselves. The scheme promotes the ability to present them in a better way. Thus the ultimate goal of the scheme is to strive to inculcate the bond of patriotism, national integration, brotherhood, communal harmony among these volunteers.

It was proud moment for our institute to start such a great program. Students were eagerly waiting for participation in the scheme. With the initiative of our respected principal Dr. M.S. Rohokale, our institute has started NSS from A.Y 2015-2016. The NSS has 100 volunteers. There were lots of activities which were conducted under the NSS, some of them are Blood donation camp, special camp in karunj village for 7 days, Swachtaabhiyan, Tree plantation drive, plastic kachramukti campaign, special lectures of volunteers in the primary schools, creating social awareness for thirsty birds and lots of more. It was really a great team of NSS. The volunteers worked selflessly for the social causes. The work done under NSS not only helped the society but the volunteers also acquired some good skills like leadership, social communication, general knowledge about the country and the various government schemes for society. The volunteers completely evolve as a good citizen of India and also helped to polished there personality too.  Hope this work will motivate other students too for doing social work.

NSS Activities conducted

Academic Year Name of Activity
No. of students participated


International Yoga Day

SKNSITS, Lonavala

21st June 2016


Tree Plantation Activity

SKNSITS, Lonavala

1st July 2016



SKNSITS, Lonavala

29st July 2016


Cleaning Camp

Lonavala Railway Station

11th August 2016



Blood Donation Camp

SKNSITS, Lonavala



NSS Special Camp

Karunj, Village near Lonavala

28/12/2015 to 31/12/2015


Plastic KachraMuktaAbhiyan

SKNSITS, Lonavala College and Canteen Area



Blood Donation Camp

SKNSITS, Lonavala