NAAC accredited with "A" grade

Cultural Activity


दानोपभोगरहिता दिवसा यस्य यान्ति वै।
स लोहकारभस्त्रेव श्वसन्नपि न जीवति॥


Spandan is the beat of every heart; it’s the beat of excitement and happiness in SKNSITIANS. Spandan is amalgamation of creativity & innovation spreading colors of joy and happiness. This spans across departments of college and has been influenced by short and sweet history from very first year of our college. Competitions at Spandan have been the stage for college contingents. Competitions cover all the genres of art - Dramatics, Literary arts, Fine arts, Music, Dance, Fashion show and Visual arts. These competitions have had well known personalities associated with them over the years. For students proficient at Speaking and expressing their views, events like Debate are held giving them the opportunity to compete with the best. Speaking events like Elocution have participation consisting of students who are more proficient at formal speaking. Winners in Spandan have an opportunity to perform in auspicious Sinhgad Karandak NEON. Over all Spandan is passionate about enhancing and empowering student’s lives by promoting and providing a wide variety of cultural, artistic programs and experiences an expression of this commitment.