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Alumni Association

All SKNSITS, Lonavala alumni are Wildcats for life! At the SKNSITS Alumni Association, our goal is to help you stay connected to SKNSITS after graduation. Whether near or far, SKNSITS alumni play an integral role in furthering the mission and goals of the college — we value your importance. We hope you will use these pages to explore membership options and benefits, find ways you can get involved with your alma mater, or simply reminisce on your time at the SKNSITS, Lonavala.

The vision of the SKNSITS Alumni Association is to:

Enhance the lives of alumni, the college, and its students and provide opportunities for increased engagement by current and future alumni in service to each other, to the college, and to the communities that the college serves across the globe.

In carrying out the vision, the association attempts to:

In carrying out the vision, the association attempts to:

1. Bring together students of SKN SINHGAD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE (SKNSITS) youth in every area to act as their representative and coordinate, synchronize and promote their interest in all matters.

2. Utilize the experience, wisdom, zeal, ability and spare time of past students of the SKNSITS for the benefit of the weaker section of the society.

3.  Take up public interest matters relating to the past students of Sinhgad Institute of Technology this area with State and Central Government and Semi Government or private organizations or public co-operations.

4. Promote and provide for education, educational scholarships, and medical relief useful to poor and the needy of SKN. Sinhgad Institute of Technology & Science

5. Promote sports education. Culture & knowledge by arrange seminars of past students of Sinhgad Institute of Technology. To make the students career oriented and attain international standard and by sheer professionalism.

6. Arrange seminars and to develop activities for healthy environment, and to avoid pollution developed the habit of tree plantation; cultivate horticulture gardens and agriculture plants in selected areas.

7. Organize adult education camp and literacy programs.

8. Bring about better living condition, Mutual co-operation amongst the past students of SKN  Sinhgad Institute of Technology & Science by implementing recreational facilities. To develop the library and other necessary activities for past students of Sinhgad Institute of Technology.

9. Help and assist financially or otherwise, old age homes, rescue homes, health care units, family welfare centers, seminars etc.

10. Arrange, conduct and hold seminars, conferences, discussions: 'symposia etc. for past students.

11. Assist past students who are preparing for, entering upon or, engaged in any   profession, trade, occupation or services by outright gifts or payments for instruction. Payment of traveling expenses or such other means for the advancement and education in life or for enabling them to take education in life or for enabling them to take education to earn their own living.

12. Establish, acquire, construct, maintain or support library for general education and Advancement thereof for past students.

13. Promote, social, educational, cultural activities for general education for past Students.

14. Promotion, encouragement, and advancement of any training and/or physical Efficiency of the past students including that of sports and games in all their branches.

15. Institute finance, encourage prosecute, develop and carryon without involving the carrying if I of any activity for profit, all kinds of scientific, economic research relating to trade, commerce and industry and research and social science for the past  students.

16. Print and publish books, periodicals, references, information broachers, to develop computer software and to circulate the same and conduct magazine.

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