NAAC accredited.



The Industry Institute Interaction Cell was established at SKNSITS, Lonavala in the academic year 2016-17.  The academic departments have been carrying out various activities envisaged under the III independently and with support from the III Cell



The III Cell was established with the following major objectives:

  1. To evolve educational programmes which are consistent with the broad requirements of the industry and which can give rise to engineering personnel capable of coping-up with the accelerating pace of the technological development
  2. To create adequate facilities of updating knowledge of professional engineers and technologists to meet growth and developmental needs of the industry
  3. To coordinate the research and developmental activities of the two systems



There has been a greater need for industries to depend on technical institutions for R&D and for supply of highly qualified and skilled manpower. Retraining of the work force has become major activity for all industries. There is, thus a good opportunity for institute to interact with industries for mutual benefits.


Recognizing the above, following thrust areas have been identified which require immediate attention :

  1. Reorientation of curriculum
  2. Exchange of Experts between the Institute and Industry
  3. Institute to gain Confidence of Industry
  4. Institute as a Consultant in R&D
  5. Continuing Education Programme
  6. Establishment of Linkages


Sr. No Name of Member Category Organization Designation Email Address
1 Dr.M.S.Rohokale Internal SKNSITS Principal
2 Mr.Hitesh Bhute External Tetrapack Ltd. Asst. Manager -
3 Mr.Vivek Menji External Dream Care Developers CEO -
4 Mr.Aniruddha Mangore External Codeest Software Entreprenur -
5 Mr.Anirudha Mangore External Codeest Software Factory Entrepreneur -
6 Mr. Wasif Makadam External Tech Mahindra Senior Engineer -
7 Ms. A. N. Ambala External Cognizant Alumni ( Working in Accenture) -
8 Mr.M.P.Landge External Essel Utillities ltd. Asst.General Manager -
9 Mr.A.S Shitode External Ashlesha electrical Owner -
10 Mr.S.K. Fasale External Variate consultants Technical Manager -
11 Mr. Sachin U Kalaskar External Premium transmission Ltd. Aurangabad Dy Manager Quality -
12 Mr. Prashant Khairnar External ITC Ltd Manager PDD Cell -
13 Mr. Rohit Dongare External Free lancer Alumni -
14 Mr. Sachin Kudari External Forbes Marshall Design and development Engineer -
15 Mr. Ishtake Kiran Bhausaheb External Yashaswi Electronics Proprietor & Director -
16 Prof. P.D. Halle Internal SKNSITS. Lonavala Asst.Prof  & HOD (E&TC)
17 Prof. Prashant Chaugule Internal SKNSITS. Lonavala HOD, TPO & IIIC  Co-ordinator (Electrical Engineering)
18 Prof. Ajay Sonawane Internal SKNSITS. Lonavala IIIC  Co-ordinator(IT)
19 Dr.S.M.Patil Internal SKNSITS. Lonavala Asst.Prof. & HOD (Computer)
20 Prof. Namdev Gavade Internal SKNSITS. Lonavala HOD(Mechanical)
21 Prof. G V Khandekar Internal SKNSITS. Lonavala HOD (FE)
22 Prof. Suhas Chavan Internal SKNSITS. Lonavala IIIC  Co-ordinator & TPO(Computer Engineering)
23 Mr.Girish G. Khope Internal SKNSITS. Lonavala IIIC Institute  Co-ordinator (Mechanical Engineering)
24 Prof. Seema Borawake Internal SKNSITS. Lonavala TPO & IIIC Co-ordinator  (E&TC)
25 Prof. P. V. Date Internal SKNSITS. Lonavala Institute TPO
26 Prof. R.M. Thadi Internal SKNSITS. Lonavala TPO (IT)

Prof. G V Khandekar