Vision, Mission & PEOs


  • To produce ethical mechanical engineering graduates and entrepreneurs ready to meet the global industrial challenges and contribute to the prosperity of the society.


  • Impart quality education to enhance the skill and knowledge in mechanical engineering graduates through improved teaching learning process and state of art laboratory facilities

  • To create conducive environment to inculcate professional skills, nurture innovation and ethical values among mechanical engineering graduates

  • To produce globally competent mechanical engineers through research, industry institute interaction, entrepreneurial skills to meet industrial and societal needs.


  • To provide a quality education for graduates entering the mechanical engineering with leadership quality and interpersonal skills to succeed in their professional career.

  • To offer relevant technologies and multidisciplinary fields along with social and ethical issues within which the engineering is practiced

  • The graduates will continue to learn and adapt in a global advanced technology through continuing further higher studies at National and international level

  • To enhance skills and attitude to initiate entrepreneurial activities

  • To build consciousness and understanding related to social needs and ethics, apart from nurturing a sense of commitment towards the society and profession

To inculcate technical and multi-disciplinary skills in students so as to enable them take up new challenges and real life problems faced by industry and society