SITS library is a backbone of our academic institution.  Its purpose is to support teaching and research activities. It is a fountain of knowledge and plays an important role in the all round development of students.

The library has a rich collection of technical, personality development, communication skills and career development titles.





  • More than 13,340 books with 2414 titles.
  • Library book collection comprises of textbooks, reference books, soft skill books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, autobiographies and a few classics.
  • AutoLib Library Management Software with OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) is available, which is convenient to the users to know about the library collection and its availability.
  • Open Access System.
  • In Digital Library 53 computers with internet facility.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity.
  • Reprography and Printing facility.
  • Necessary E-Resources supporting latest technologies.
  • 5 Engineering colleges of our Sinhgad Technical Education Society are in the vicinity, we all offer interlibrary loan service to each other if required.
  • NPTEL video lectures.
  • Educational CDs, SPPU Syllabus and Previous year Question Paper Sets.
  • Book Bank facility needy students.
  • Digital Library & Issuing Counter Service from 08.00 am to 11.00 pm.
  • Reading Room facility from 08.00 am to 02.00 am (midnight).


Sr Name Designation Qualification Experience (Yrs) E-mail Photo
1 Mrs. Kamal Thube Librarian M Lib & I Sc, SET 7


Mr. Rajendra Nilkanth Clerk M Lib & I Sc 8 RBNilkanth
Ms. Priydarshini Jadhav Clerk M Lib & I Sc 8




Day Book Issue Timings Reading Room Timings
Monday to Friday 08.00 am to 11.00 pm 08.00 am to 02.00 am (midnight)
Saturday 08.00 am to 09.00 pm 08.00 am to 02.00 am (midnight)
Sunday -
08.00 am to 02.00 am (midnight)



Titles / Volumes
Branch Titles Volumes
Civil Engineering 217 1127
Computer Engineering 310 1894
Electronics &Tele-Communication Engineering 314 2897
Information Technology 270 1626
Mechanical Engineering 293 1536
Engineering Sciences & Humanities 343 1042
Master of Engineering (Electronics &Tele-Communication Engineering) 137 355
Master of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) 83 378
MBA 447 2485
Total 2414 13340


AICTE Recommended Books for PG Courses


Reference / Text
Branch Reference Text
Civil Engineering 163 885
Computer Engineering 177 1706
Electronics & Tele-Communications 235 3010
Information Technology 186 1424
Mechanical Engineering 201 1616
Engineering Sciences & Humanities 341 598
MBA 243 2242
Total 1546 11794



Sr. No. Name Periodicity
1 India Today Weekly
2 Reader's Digest Monthly
3 Digit Monthly
4 Electronics for You Monthly
5 Open Source for You Monthly
6 Electronics Bazaar Monthly
7 Autocar Monthly
8 Engineering Success Review Fortnightly
9 Competition Success Review Fortnightly
10 PC Quest Monthly



Branchwise List of E-Books Available
Branch Sr No Title of the E-Book Author
E&TC 1 Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory Boylestad
E&TC 2 Mobile Satellite Communication networks Sheriff
E&TC 3 Analog and Digital Communication by Simon Haykin
E&TC 4 Antenna Theory Constantine Balanis
E&TC 5 Elements of Electromagnetics Sadiku
E&TC 6 Digital Signal Processing Karl
E&TC 7 Digital Signal Processing Salivahanan
E&TC 8 Digital Signal Processing Prokais
E&TC 9 Communication Systems Simon Haykin
E&TC 10 Advances in Micro/Nano Electromechanical Systems and Fabrication Technologies Kenichi Takahata
Mechanical 11 Applied Thermodynamics Onkar Singh
Mechanical 12 Automation,Production System and CIM Groover
Mechanical 13 Basic and Applied Thermodynamics P K Nag
Mechanical 14 CAD/CAM/CIM P Radhakrishanan
Mechanical 15 Heat Trasfer Cengel
Mechanical 16 Complete Soulation Manual to Accompany  Heat Trasfer: A Practical Approach Yunus A. Cengel
Mechanical 17 Design Data Handbook Digital Engineering Library, McGraw Hill
Mechanical 18 Design Manual for Structural Stainless Steel The Steel Construction Institute
Mechanical 19 Design Hugh Jack, Claymore Engineer
Mechanical 20 Engineering Machinecs Dynamics Andrew Pytel/ Jaan Kiusalaas
Mechanical 21 Engineering Machinecs for Structures Malestrom
Mechanical 22 Engineering Vibrartions Daneal J Inman
Mechanical 23 Engineering Fundamentals of the Internal Combustion Engine Willard W Pulkrabek
Mechanical 24 Finite Element Analysis G lakshmi Narasiah
Mechanical 25 The Finite Elements Method In Enineering S S Rao
Mechanical 26 Fluid Machincs and Thermodynamics of Terbomichnary S L Dixon
Mechanical 27 Fluid Machanics worked Exemple for Engineers Carl Schaschke
Mechanical 28 Fluid Machanics Fundamentals and Application Cengel
Mechanical 29 Fluid  Flow Mesurement : A Practical Guide to Accurate Flow Mesurement E Loy Upp/Paul  J Nasa
Mechanical 30 Fluid Machnics And Machinary C P Kothandaraman
Mechanical 31 Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics Michel J Moran
Mechanical 32 Fundamentals of Finite Elements Analysis David V Hutton
Mechanical 33 Fundamentals of Heat and mass Trasfer Incroperia
Mechanical 34 Fundamentals of Kinematics and Dynamics of Machins and Mechanisms Oleg Vinogradov
Mechanical 35 Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Materials,Processes , and systems Mikell P Groover
Mechanical 36 Fundamentals of The Finite Elements Method for Heat and fluid Flow Roland W Lewis
Mechanical 37 Fundamentals of Heat and mass Trasfer C P Kothandaraman
Mechanical 38 Handbook Of Thermal Engineering Ed. Frank Krieth
Mechanical 39 Heat Trasfer Engineering Application Ed. Vyacheslav S. Vikhernko
Mechanical 40 Heat Trasfer J P Holman
Mechanical 41 Introduction to finite element to engineering Tirupathi R. Chandrupatla  Ashok D Belegundu
Mechanical 42 Introduction to Heat Trasfer Vadet S Arpaci
Mechanical 43 Material Science S L Kakani/ Amit Kakani
Mechanical 44 Machine Elements Life and Design Boris M Klebanov/David M Barlam
Mechanical 45 Manual of Engineering Drawing to British and International Standards Colin H Simmons
Mechanical 46 Marks' Standard Handbooks for Machnical Engineers Eugene A Avallone
Mechanical 47 Machinical Engineering Handbook Ed. Frank Krieth
Mechanical 48 Machincal Engineers Reference Book Edward H Smith (Ed)
Mechanical 49 Numerical Methods ( Problem and soulations) Jain/Iyengar
Mechanical 50 Power Plants Engineering A K Raja
Mechanical 51 Principals of Heat Trasfer Frank Krieth
Mechanical 52 Flinite Element Anaysis Geogre R Buchanan
Mechanical 53 Machnical Engineering Design Budynas Nisbett
Mechanical 54 The Finite Elements Method a Practical Course G R LIU/ S S Quek
Mechanical 55 A First Course in Finite Elements Jacob Fish and Ted Belytschko
Mechanical 56 A First Course in Finite Element Methods Dary L Logan
Mechanical 57 2500 Solved Problems in Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Jack B Evett and Cheng Liu
Mechanical 58 Advanced Engineering Dynamics H R Harrison and T Nettleton
Mechanical 59 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Rex Miller and Mark R Miller
Mechanical 60 Air Conditioning Engineering W P Jones
Mechanical 61 An Introduction to Finite Element Method J N Reddy
Computer 62 Software Modelling and Design Hasab Gomaa and Erich Gamaa
Computer 63 Procedural elements of Computer Graphics David Rogers, Harrington, William
Computer 64 Art of Concurrency A thread Monkey’s Guide to writing Parallel Applications Clay Breshears
Computer 65 Computer Networks Tenanbaum A S
Computer 66 Computer Organization William Stallings
Computer 67 Object Oriented Programming with C++ Balagurusamy
Computer 68 Beginning Python James Payne
Computer 69 Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 Christopher Murphy, Richard Clark
Computer 70 Data Communication and Networking Forouzan
Computer 71 8086 VTU Notes Douglas V Hall
Computer 72 Software Engineering Roger S Pressman
Computer 73 Programming mobile web application development Jeff McWherter and Scott Gowell
Computer 74 Programming the mobile web Maximiliano Firtman
Computer 75 Introduction to Parallel computing Ananth Grama
Computer 76 Mastering Cloud Computing Rajkumar Buyya
Computer 77 Cloud Computing Bible -
Civil 78 Geotechnical Engineering C Venkatramaiah
Civil 79 Fluid Mechanics (18 Books) Joseph Spurk, Nuri Aksel
Civil 80 Surveying  (04 Books) A M Chandra
Civil 81 Environmental Engineering  (06 Books) Joseph A. Salvato, Nelson L.
Civil 82 Environmental Engineering II  (16 Books) Neil Grigg
Civil 83 Geology  (06 Books) F.G.BELL
Civil 84 Building Materials  (06 Books) B C Rangawala, Sushil Kumar
Civil 85 Transportation engineering  (09 Books) Bent Thagesen
Civil 86 Constriction management  (18 Books) Richard Fellows, David Langford
Civil 87 water resources engineering (17 Books) Milan Jermar
Civil 88 Concrete technology  (10 Books) M S Shetty
Civil 89 Engineering Mechanics  (07 Books) R S Khurmi
Civil 90 Structural analysis  (18 Books) Wilbar, Norris, Senol
Civil 91 Strength of Materials   (12 Books) John Case, Lord Chilver
Civil 92 RCC Design  (09 Books) Charles E Reynolds
Civil 93 Steel Structures  (08 Books) N Subramanian
Civil 94 Finite Element Method  (06 Books) G Lakshmi Narsaiah
Civil 95 Prestressed concrete N Krishna, V Raju
Civil 96 Imagining the Future City: London 2062 Sarah Bell, James Paskins
Civil 97 Methods and Techniques in Urban Engineering A. C. de Pina Filho and A. C. de Pina
IT 98 Software Modeling & Design Addison-Wesley
IT 99 Distributed System Neelesh Kumar Jain, Sumita Verma
IT 100 DataBase Management System Raghu Ramakrishnan
IT 101 Software Engineering E-Book Roger S. Pressman
IT 102 Software Engineering E-Book Sommerville
IT 103 Computer Network Tanenbaum/Wetherall
IT 104 Introduction to Design Analysis of Algorithms K. Raghava Rao, Smashwords
IT 105 Operating System Concepts Silberschatz, Galvin
IT 106 Unix Network Programming Vol2 Richard Stevens
IT 107 Understanding the Linux Kernal (3rd Edition) Daniel P. Bovet & Macro Cesati
IT 108 Discrete Structures W W I Chen
IT 109 Computer Organization William Stallings
IT 110 Understanding and Using Pointers Richard Reese
IT 111 Programming in C Tushar Kute
IT 112 C in Nutshell Peter Prinz and Tony Crawford
IT 113 C++ for C Programmers JT Kalnay
IT 114 Learn Apps
IT 115 Computer Graphics Hearn & Baker
IT 116 Processor Architecture & Interfacing Tushar Kute
IT 117 Algorithms and Data Structures Jurg Nievergelt, Klaus Hinrichs



Sr. No. Name
1 Business Standard
2 Sakal (Marathi)
3 Maharashtra Times (Marathi)



Sr No Branch Name of the Subject NPTEL Link
1 E&TC Mobile Communication/ Wireless Communication
3 E&TC Information Theory and Coding
4 E&TC Mechatronics
5 E&TC Nanoelectronics
6 E&TC Signals and Systems
7 E&TC Adaptive Signal Processing
8 E&TC Analog Circuits and Systems
9 E&TC Digital Signal Processing
10 E&TC Analog IC Design
11 E&TC Digital Circuits and Systems
12 E&TC Digital Computer Organization
13 E&TC Digital Image Processing
14 E&TC Communication Networking
15 E&TC Digital Image Processing
16 E&TC Random Process and Random Variable
17 E&TC Embedded Systems Design
18 E&TC High Speed Devices and Circuits
19 E&TC Neural Netwroks
20 E&TC Networks and Systems
21 E&TC Semiconductor Device Modelling
22 E&TC Pattern Recognition
23 E&TC Control Systems
24 E&TC Circuit Theory
25 E&TC Digital Integrated Circuits
26 E&TC Power Electronics
27 E&TC Analog Circuit Design
28 E&TC Advanced Engineering Mathematics
29 E&TC Advanced Antenna Theory
30 E&TC Microprocessor and Peripheral Devices
31 E&TC Digital Communication
32 E&TC Microwave Theory And Techniques
33 E&TC Computer Networks
34 E&TC Computational Electromagnetics
35 E&TC RF Integrated Circuits
36 E&TC Digital Signal Processing
37 Civil Engineering Geology
38 Civil Structural Analysis 1
39 Civil Concrete Technology
40 Civil Construction Planning and Management
41 Civil Foundation Engineering
42 Civil Environmental Engineering
43 Civil Project Management
44 Civil Operation Research
45 Civil Optimization Techniques
46 Civil Dams and Hydraulic Structures
47 Civil Quantity Surveying, Contracts and Tenders
48 Civil Construction Management
49 Civil Air Pollution and Control
50 Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics
51 Mechanical Manufacturing  Processes
52 Mechanical Robotics
53 Mechanical Finite Element Analysis
54 Mechanical Machining Processes
55 Mechanical Fluid Mechanics
56 Mechanical Basic Thermodynamics
57 Mechanical Computational Heat Transfer and  Fluid Flow
58 Mechanical Heat and Mass Transfer
59 Mechanical Material Science
60 Mechanical Robotics
61 Mechanical Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
62 Mechanical Applied Thermodynamics
63 Mechanical Heat Transfer
64 Mechanical Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
65 Mechanical Robotics
66 Mechanical Cryogenic Engineering
67 Mechanical Computational Fluid Dynamics
68 Mechanical Dynamics of Machines
69 Mechanical Finite Element Methods
70 Mechanical Hydraulics and Pneumatics
71 Mechanical Theory of Plasticity
72 Mechanical Research Methodology
73 Mechanical Manufacturing Process -II
74 Mechanical Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
75 Mechanical Design of Machine Elements- I
76 Mechanical Operation Research
77 Mechanical Air Conditioning and Ventilation
78 Mechanical Engineering Graphics
79 Mechanical Experimental Stress Analysis
80 Computer Computer Organization
81 Computer Computer Graphics
82 Computer Microprocessor and Interface Techniques
83 Computer Computer Networks
84 Computer Software Engineering
85 Computer Emmbedded Operating Systems
86 Computer Digital Signal Processing
87 Computer Mobile Computing
88 Computer High Performance Computing
89 Computer Software Architecture and Design
90 Computer Operating System › Computer Science › Other
91 Computer Design & Analysis of Algorithm
92 Computer Cyber Security
93 Computer Data Structures & Files
94 Computer Engineering Maths III
95 IT Discrete Structures
96 IT Computer Organization
97 IT Fundamentals of Data Structures
98 IT Problem Solving & Object Oriented Programming
99 IT Engineering Maths III
100 IT Computer Graphics
101 IT Processor Architecture & Interfacing
102 IT Data Structures & Files
103 IT Foundations of Computer Network
104 IT Database Management System
105 IT Software Engineering
106 IT Theory of Computation
107 IT Computer Networks
108 IT Web Engineering and Technology
109 IT Design & Analysis of Algorithm
110 IT System Programming
111 IT Multimedia Technologies
112 IT Information Technology Project Management
113 IT Operating System
114 IT Information & Cyber Security
115 IT Software Modeling & Design
116 IT Machine Learning
117 IT Soft Computing
118 IT Geo Informatics Systems
119 IT Distributed System
120 IT Advanced Databases
121 IT Mobile Computing
122 IT Internet of Things



  • All Faculty, Staff and Students must enter their name in the entry register as soon as they enter the library.
  • All students are supposed to produce their ID card when the library staff demands for checking.
  • Use of cell phones is strictly banned inside the library.
  • Silence is to be maintained inside the library.  In emergency, if conversation is necessary, that should be in low pitch only.
  • Personal belongings like laptops, mobiles, files, folders, bags etc should be kept on owners’ risk.  Library is not responsible for missing of any above mentioned objects.
  • The books taken from the library are to be returned within 7 days or on or before the date specified on the due date slip pasted in the last page of the books.  In case of late submission of books per day fine will be charged.
  • If a book is lost by the borrower, it should be notified to the librarian immediately and the same should be traced and replaced within 15 days from the due date.
  • Journals/Locker books are not issued for home reading.
  • Users are allowed to take the photocopies of the required articles from the journals.
  • Accessing unwanted and unnecessary information from the internet is strictly prohibited.
  • In case of misplacement of Library Card, student should immediately bring it to the notice f the library staff.
  • Do not write, underline or mark on any book.
  • Students are not allowed to borrow books on behalf of others.
  • All the users will be held responsible for any damage or loss of library materials in their possession and will be required to meet the cost of replacement and processing.
  • The arrangement of chairs and other furniture in the reading area should not be disturbed.
  • Formal dress code is to be strictly followed while in the library.
  • The librarian reserves the right to cancel the library membership of students if found misbehaving.