Enterpreneurship Development Cell



To be an organisation to guide and create future entrepreneur who will be the master of vibrant economy that is competitive globally


To grow with strong acumen of economy in National interest and mankind while enhancing our cultural roots.


  1. To create, foster & Promote the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the youth of the nation
  2. To act as an Institutional Mechanism for providing various services including information on all aspects of enterprise building to building entrepreneurs
  3. To inculcate a culture of innovation driven entrepreneurship through students project
  4. To develop strong acumen of entrepreneurship amongst the students
  5. To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and provide exposure to students on various opportunities
  6. Create awareness about various initiatives taken up by Government of India to promote entrepreneurship
  7. To be a value adding cell in Nations progress

Committe Members of EDC

Suyash Patil (BE Entc)