F. requently A. sked Q. uestion's

Where is Sinhgad Institute of Technology & Science, Narhe, Pune?

Ans: The Postal Address of :

Sinhgad Technical Education Society’s
Sinhgad Institute of Technology & Science
Sr. No. 45/15/1, 45/15/2, 45/15/3,
Narhe, Taluka Haveli, Pune - 411 041.
Nearest Landmarks:
SKN Medical College & General Hospital.
Opp. Bank of Maharashtra, Narhe branch.

I am not sure which of the engineering disciplines is right for me. What are my options?

Ans: Think about taking the Engineering 110 course which is offered during the Fall term. It surveys all the 15 different engineering departments. Each week a representative from each department will come and interact with the students about career opportunities, courses and requirements for their department. This course is designed to help students become more familiar with the engineering options in the college and narrow down their choices for engineering major. It is offered to first-year students and students are granted two free elective credits for completing the session. During winter the Advising Center holds a Majors Fair where you can meet with the representatives from every department to gain more insight.


Ans: Students can be admitted directly into the College of Engineering as first-year students or transfer students. Admissions Requirements for the First-year students: Applicants still in high school.

What is the level of teaching and placement ratio for the college?

Ans: We have highly qualified teachers who conduct classes effectively throughout the year. Teachers are always in touch with the guardians of the students through telephone calls and Parent-Teacher Meets organized by each department. Attendance is compulsory.  As a result we always end up with good academics, with outstanding results in the University Examinations. Overall effect is we have a good placement record.

How are the class rooms and laboratories?

Ans: For each division we have separate classrooms with LCD projectors, OHPS and spacious well equipped laboratories for each department.

What about hostel facility?

Ans: Hostel facility is available for Boys & Girls in the campus. The rooms are self-sufficient with 24 Solar system for hot water, water purifiers for drinking water and cupboards in addition to the attached washrooms.

What is the arrangement for hygienic and healthy food in the campus?

Ans: We have Canteen facility in the campus, providing delicious lunch and dinner. Along with this there are Cafeteria, Juice bar and Chaat centre for breakfast items.

Is there any kind of special preventive action against ragging?

Ans: Our campus is absolutely ragging free. We maintain high discipline to avoid such incidents. Security guards, hostel admin, staff members are always alert to prevent the same in the campus.

In case of medical emergency what is the facility?

Ans: 24 hrs free medical assistance is available at SKN hospital for the students. It is only 5 mins distance from the campus.

Does the College of Engineering have a foreign language/English requirement?

Ans: No, the College of Engineering does not require students to take English or a foreign language class for graduation. However, foreign languages are encouraged and many students decide to pursue a minor in a foreign language.

English may be required for certain professional schools such as medical school so even though the College of Engineering does not require it, a student may have to take it for their professional programs or other majors. A foreign language may also be taken as part of a Study Abroad Program, the Engineering Global Leadership Program, or the Program in Global Engineering. For more information on these, contact the International Programs in Engineering Office (IPE).

Do I need to purchase a computer before I come to college?

Ans: It is not required that students purchase a computer before coming to school however most students own a personal computer. If you chose not to purchase a computer, there are multiple locations where students can access a computer and the internet 24 hours a day. These places include the Duderstadt Center and many of the other libraries in the campus.

What are the printing allocations for engineering students?

Ans: All engineering students have access to print documents in the CAEN labs. You can check on the website regarding the details for the same. The website also lists information about where you can print and has a FAQ section for further help.

What if I decide that engineering is not right for me?

Ans: Meet with your engineering advisor to discuss some different academic options. Go and speak with the school you may be interested in to see what the admissions process is for a cross-campus transfer. If you have not done so already, enroll in Engineering 100 to get a better understanding of engineering so that you can make the right decision.

What about Team projects, study groups, collaborative work?

Ans: Some classes require that you work with other students, e.g.  In lab groups, design teams, or as programming partners.  In our college it is also common to form study groups with other students in the course.  Collaborative study is a good thing, but in these situations you need a clear understanding of how to maintain your academic integrity, so that you can act accordingly.

The general principle is that the work you submit must be your own, unless the instructor has explicitly told you that you can (or should) submit group work.


Ans: Yes!  Generally, there are three types of scholarships students can apply for. Scholarships awarded through, 1) the College of Engineering, 2) The University of Pune, and 3) sources outside the university


Ans: The quick answer to this question is no.  Although engineering has a rigorous curriculum, we strongly encourage our students to work smarter, not harder.  This means utilizing the resources of the College efficiently and effectively.