Mr . Pravin M . Wale
Head of Department
Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering was established in the A.Y.  2010-11 with an intake of 60 which was increased to 120 in the A.Y. 2012-13. Civil Engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals the planning, design, construction & maintenance of the physical & naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridge, canal, dams and building. The Profession encompasses many disciplines including Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulics & Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Town Planning, Surveying, Building Technology & Construction Management.
Civil engineers, by giving shape to the society, are essentially building the backbone for the world to relax on. Civil engineering has played a critical role in increasing the health & quality of life in the past 50 years. From developing better water supplies, municipal sewer system, wastewater treatment plants to the design of building to protect us from the natural hazards & provide health care, to improved agriculture through water resource development & distribution projects to rapid & dramatic changes in transportation system, Civil engineers have developed the basic infrastructure on which modern Society depends. Civil engineers were the first engineers & continue to be dedicated to technology development for the common good & the general public.