Dr. V. D. Patil
Department of Engg. Scinece.

First year of Engineering is the beginning of Professional education for the Fresher’s in the college. Many of them stay in the hostel and need emotional support to cope with the additional responsibility.

The institute has established a special department for the 1st Year Engineering students called the Department of Engineering Sciences. One of the main objectives of this department is to give proper counseling to the students and make them comfortable and confident to face the transition phase from school to professional education

In order to forge a strong bond between students and teacher, a novel Teacher-Guardian Scheme has been introduced wherein a teacher acts as a guardian to help them cope up with required professional challenges and their domestic problems. Parents are always kept informed about their ward’s performance. Teacher-Guardians are always in touch with the parents through telephone, SMS, internet and letter. Annually there is a Parent-Teacher Meet organized in the college.

As per the new syllabus structure, the students have to appear for University level online tests in all subjects. It is challenging to teach the prescribed syllabus in the limited time available. We conduct college level Prelim exams, before the students appear for the University Final Examination, to give them a feel of the same. The college gives individual attention to bright as well as average students by means of organizing special lectures, assignments and tutorials.

The First Year result of our institute for the University of Pune Examinations in the course has been good consistently every year.