Faculty Details

SIOM’s Management Faculty is drawn from the Academia as well as Industry. Their diverse backgrounds and vast experience provide valuable insights into the many aspects of the business world. They facilitate the holistic development of students and play a major role in shaping the learner's personality,imparting knowledge and career.

Sinhgad Institute of Management Vadgaon, Pune
Staff List
Sr. Name Designation Email Id Qualification Teaching Industry Profile
1 Dr.Daniel J.Penkar Director director_siom@sinhgad.edu B.Com, PGDBM, M.Com,MA, MMS, Ph.D 34 2 Profile
2 Dr. Parag C. Kalkar Director (MBA)
On Lien
pckalkar@gmail.com B.Com, M.Com, MMS, DBM, Ph.D 28.3 - Profile
3 Dr. Mrs. Rupali A. Jain Dean & Professor (Research Cell) headresearch@sinhgad.edu B.Sc.,M.Sc. (Math.), MBA (O.R. & Sys.), Ph.D. 25.4 - Profile
5 Dr. Ms. Shubhangee Ramaswamy Professor shubhangi.r@sinhgad.edu B.Sc. (Phy.), M.Sc (Phy), MBA (Mgmt & Sys, HR), Ph.D 20.4 4.3 Profile
7 Dr. Ms. Bharati P. Jagdale Associate Professor bhartijagdale@sinhgad.edu B.Com, MMS, MCA, MCM, M.Phil(IT), Ph.D 18 2.9 Profile
8 Dr.Manoj G.Kulkarni Associate Professor manoj.kulkarni.siom@sinhgad.edu BE (E & TC),PGDBM, MBS,Ph.D 18.2 2 Profile
9 Dr.Rijwan Shaikh Associate Professor rijwanshaikh.siom@sinhgad.edu B. Pharm, MBA (Mktg.), Ph.D 11.1 4 Profile
10 Dr.Ambrish Sharma Associate Professor ambrish.sharma.siom@sinhgad.edu B.A., PGDBM (Equivalent to MBA) Marketing, M.Phil (Management), Ph.D, EPBM (IIM Lucknow) pursuing 15.8 4 Profile
11 Dr. Rakesh K. Bhati Associate Professor rakesh.bhati.siom@sinhgad.edu B.Com, PGDBM, MMS, MBS, MA (ECO.),Ph.D 16.2 6 Profile
12 Dr. Hemant B. Patil Assistant Professor hbpatil@sinhgad.edu BE, MBA (Mktg.), Ph.D 10.11 11.5 Profile
13 Mrs. Mangalgouri S. Patil Assistant Professor gouri811@sinhgad.edu BBM , MBA, M.Phil. Ph.D Pursuing 16.1 - Profile
14 Dr. Samita R. Mahapatra Assistant Professor samitamahapatra@sinhgad.edu B.Com.,  M.A. (Eco.), MBS, PGDBM, Ph.D 19.1 5.2 Profile
15 Ms. Gopa G. Das Assistant Professor gopa.das@sinhgad.edu B.COM, PGDM, MPM, Ph.D pursuing 11 6 Mnts Profile
16 Mrs. Archana H. Patil Assistant Professor archanapatilsiom@gmail.com B.Sc., MBA (Fin. & HR), Ph.D Pursuing 10.5 10 Mnts Profile
17 Dr. Sagar R. Pawar Assistant Professor pawarsagar4488@sinhgad.edu BBA, MBA, Ph.D 10.3 2.11 Profile
18 Mr. Ramdas R. Kendre Assistant Professor reejwilliams@sinhgad.edu B.E (Mech.),  MBA(Mktg. & IT) 10.1 3 Profile
19 Mr. Amol B. Khandagale Assistant Professor k.amol051@sinhgad.edu B.Sc. (Chem.), MBA (Mktg). , DIPM, ICDL 10.3 9 Profile
20 Mr. Chandakant A. Thorat Assistant Professor chandrakant.thorat@sinhgad.edu D.M.E., B.E. (Ind. Engg.), MBA (Mktg.) 6.4 22 Profile
21 Dr. Sanmath S. Shetty Assistant Professor shettysanmath.siom@sinhgad.edu BA, MBA, Ph.D 9.4 1 Profile
22 Mr. Pradip S. Thombare Assistant Professor pradip.thombare@sinhgad.edu B.Sc.(Maths), M.Sc.(Maths), MMS (Fin.), PGDORM, NET (Mgmt) 5.1 - Profile
23 Mr.Mangesh M. Sanap Assistant Professor mangesh.sanap.siom@sinhgad.edu BE (Computer), MBA (Operations Management), DMEIM, Ph.D Pursuing 17.3 2 Profile
24 Mr.Omkar J. Lad Assistant Professor omkar.lad.siom@sinhgad.edu B.Com, MBA (Fin.) 1.11 2.5 Profile
26 Ms.Swati A. Ahirrao Assistant Professor swatiahirrao.siom@sinhgad.edu B.Sc, MBA (HR & Mktg.) 2 4.2 Profile
27 Mr. Anjit Kumar Jha Assistant Professor anjitjha.siom@sinhgad.edu B.Com,M.Phil, MBA (HRM) 2.1 4 Profile
28 Mr. Jaydatta G. Banger Assistant Professor jay.bangar.siom@sinhgad.edu B. Pharm, MBA (Mktg.) 4 Mnths 4 Profile
29 Mrs. Ragini R. Indoriya Assistant Professor ragini.indoriya.siom@sinhgad.edu BBA, MBA (Fin.) 3 Mnts - Profile
30 Ms. Nitu Pandey Assistant Professor nitu.pandey.siom@sinhgad.edu BE (Electrical), MBA (Mktg.) 3 Mnts 3.11 Profile
31 Dr. Dnyanesh Bandgar Assistant Professor dnyanesh.bandgar.siom@sinhgad.edu DIE,BE, MMS,Ph.D, SET 2.8 10 Profile
32 Ms. Mayuree Tawade Assistant Professor mayuri.tawade.siom@sinhgad.edu B.Com, MBA (Fin.) 3 Mnts 1.11 Profile
33 Ms. Aditee H. Huparikar Assistant Professor aditee.huparikar.siom@sinhgad.edu B.Com, M.Com,MBA (Fin.) 6.8 2 Profile
34 Ms. Shweta S. Pawar Assistant Professor shweta.cpc@sinhgad.edu B.Sc. MBA 2.3 11 Profile
35 Ms.Sapana R.Aher Assistant Professor sapna.cpc@sinhgad.edu B.Sc (Chem.),MPM 2.3 10 Profile
36 Ms.Priyanka N.Karande Assistant Professor karandepriyanka@sinhgad.edu B.Sc (Chem.), MBA 2.3 13 Profile
37 Ms.Sheetal H.Jadhav Assistant Professor sheetaljadhav0607@sinhgad.edu B.Sc (Chem.), MBA 2 10 Profile
38 Ms.Neelam R.Edake Assistant Professor neelam.edake.siom@sinhgad.edu B.Com., MPM 2 9.8 Profile