Sinhgad Technical Education Society's


Co-Curricular Activities

Rural Entrepreneurship Development Workshop

Ruller To nurture the talent of youth; enlightening them on various aspects of industrial/business activity On-line Workshop on Rural Entrepreneurship Development and business plan competition was organized by Sinhgad Institute of Management. Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) is a programme which helps in developing entrepreneurial abilities. The skills that are required to run a business successfully is developed among the students through this programme.

Innovation Day Celebration

Ruller SIOM-MCA celebrates World Creativity and Innovation Day on April 21 to celebrate the potential of creativity and innovation in students. The creativity and innovation sector are a highly transformative sector of the world economy in terms of income generation, job creation and export earnings. Innovation day celebration give exposure for students to:
  1. Generate Ideas That Solve Problems.
  2. Look at the World Differently.
  3. Meet with Different People.
  4. Share Innovative Ideas.
  5. Visit a New Culture.

National Education Day Celebration

EducationDay November 11 is observed as the 'National Education Day' every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, who was independent India's first education minister and pioneer of the education system in the country. He was a reformer and acknowledged for his contribution towards the nation-building through education. The Bharat Ratna recipient is the man behind establishing the IITs along with many key institutes in the country. The first IIT in India (IIT Kharagpur) was set up in 1951 under his tenure. Azad should be credited for setting up of the University Grants Commission (UGC) in 1953 and development of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore. The Sangeet Natak Akademi (1953), Sahitya Akademi (1954) and Lalit Kala Akademi (1954), which promote education and culture was founded by Azad adding a feather to his cap. SIOM Celebrates National Education Day by organising talk our dynamic director Dr. Chandrani Singh on the importance of education 4.0 on November 11. Students can take part in this activity to mark the National Education Day celebration. .

Free & Open Source Software –Lab Migration Project symposium

LabMigration The FOSSEE IIT Bombay was organized symposium for contributor, mentor, students’ various activities for their project. This first ever “FOSSEE PROPONENT SYMPOSIUM” happened on the 7th of March 2020 at IIT Bombay. This event will witness the participation of FOSSEE contributors, FLOSS enthusiasts, and key decision-makers in academia. From SIOM-MCA Director Dr. Chandrani Singh, Prof. Sunil khilari and Prof. Rahul Borate taking part in to this event. This FOSSEE Project helpful for faculties and students to learn new horizons like R-language, Python Programming with IIT professors and project coordinator.

Free &Industry-Institute interaction at Infosys Mysore

IndustryInterction Industry institute interaction is essential for ensuring that practice meets theory across all functional areas. It goes a long way in enhancing a student’s interpersonal skills and making him/her industry-ready. Such interactions are not always limited to just case discussions or internships. Panels and summits may also be organized by institutes to bring together thinkers, experts and practitioners so that students can massively benefit from intensive mentoring by enthusiastic and highly committed industry professionals. There exist two separate worlds – academia and industry. Both the worlds have very different mindset and goals. Unless they are brought together, students will have a hard time to enter the industry, even if they have straight as to show for it. Industry institute industry comes in the play to bridge the gap between these two worlds. Taking this in to considerations we at SIOM every year make industry – institute interaction through industry visit, this year we visited Infosys campus at Mysore. where industry professional put their views in front of students and students asked their doubts to industry professionals.