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Sinhgad Technical Education Society's



Our Institute is committed to nurture Global Business Leaders through holistic development of students.  “Holistic Development of students” not only entails to make management processionals but also to make them socially responsible persons. With this notion, Institute institutionalizes various activities through dedicated cells. Under theses cells, continuous activities are taken to fulfill its objectives. These cells are managed and operated by students under the guidance of faculty members. Institute has two dedicated cells that are Arth Cell (for social activities), Green Cell (for Environmental Protection & conservation activities), and Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

Arth Cell

At Arth Cell, we encourage students to be achievers but also to be sensitive towards that part of the society who could not achieve much in life. It may be those who never had the privilege of staying with the parents, those who could not see the beautiful colors of life, the mentally challenged people, the old people, the poor farmers etc.

A number of unused medicines are found in households around us. We collected them at Arth Cell.  We have identified some doctors in Pune who are running clinics for the underprivileged. Students visit those health centers and hand over these medicines to them. Arth Cell also organizes a blood donation camp. The students volunteered right from the arrangement of the blood camp the distribution of certificates to the donors.  Needless to mention, SIOM staff and students were the donors.

Cell has also organized a cultural programme and a feast for ‘Apla Ghar’ (orphanage & old age home). We donated a water purifier to Mother Teresa Home (orphanage for mentally & physically challenged people.  A number of activities like collection of funds for cancer treatment of one of our students, purchasing a wheel-chair for a special student, etc. are undertaken by Arth Cell.

Green Cell

Operating a 'green' business is one of the newest and fastest growing areas of opportunity for small business. Those who have adapted their processes and thinking have realized that not only does it help our environment, it also makes business sense.

Regardless of the type of business being operated, it's possible to reduce the impact on the environment and improve the bottom line at the same time. Being active in lowering the carbon footprint, reducing the level of wastage and becoming more sustainable can result in energy savings, spending less on inputs, and creating a positive impression in the minds of customers.

Institute’s Green cell is working towards the environment awareness, practices and education in students as well as in society. Many activities are held by Green cell every year.

Both Arth Cell and Green Cell are instrumental in creating SOCIO-ENVIRON CONNECT through various activities.


Entrepreneurship Development (ED) Cell

Prosperity and wealth generation of a nation and society is measured by the entrepreneurial spirit of its citizen. Entrepreneurship is a critical concept of industrialization and economic progress. Entrepreneurs are expected to play vital role in the process of development by introducing innovations and demonstrating leadership qualities in the dynamic situation.

The ED cell was established in SIOM with focal objective of educating and training students for developing entrepreneurial capabilities through positive training interventions. Institute through ED Cell motivate students to undergo Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP), skill development training and enhance self employment opportunities.

Institute has been working towards creativity and innovation with uninhibited idea generation and guiding students towards financial viability analysis of those ideas. ED cell helps to develop entrepreneurial skills with the logic, rationality of science and application of technology.