Windows of the World (WOW) - 2014

Date: 4th Oct 2013



The next step post business studies is entry into the “Big Bad World”. Students need to be prepared for and equipped with information. One of the important aspect of gathering knowledge is acquiring knowledge about the various companies, their products, their operations, marketing strategies and an overall SWOT of the company. WoW provides a platform for the students to showcase their knowledge about the companies.

The presentation had to cover the following aspects of a company:

  • Company Profile
  • Products/Services
  • Global presence
  • USP and Competition
  • SWOT Analysis

Salient Points of the Contest:

  • All students of MBA first year participated in the contest in groups
  • Each Group consists of 5 students
  • Each division has 12 teams competing with each other. The best team leads to the final round.
  • Top 3 are selected from the 10 teams competing in the final round.