“We are providing solutions to infrastructure industry using advanced products and technologies in the realm of Civil Engineering. We express our desire to recruit good students from your institute to support our business aspirations during the campus placements.
We were pleased with the enthusiasm and eagerness shown by the Institute to learn about new technologies.”

Prashant Navalakha -General Manager
MACCAFERRI Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd

“Appreciate the implant training given to the students during the vacations”.

Mr. Atul  Datar,( M. D.) ,

“Suggestion - to implement innovative ideas in the Project work assigned to the students”.

Mr. Bagul,( M. D.) ,

“I am proud to say that Sou. Venutai Chavan Polytechnic, Pune provides environment for the  student to excel and takes efforts to develop overall personality development through extracurricular activity This is possible only because of their dedicated teachers who are enthusiastic to develop the students.”

Manikrao Patil,
Vice president, Atlas Copco

“The College provides us with the required infrastructure to reduce the gap between college & IT industry.”

Sachin Patil

“SVCP is really a good college. It not only provides good education to students but also arranges Seminars & Workshops”.

Vikas Mhaske,
Managing Director,
HENX International Technologies Pvt.Ltd.



“Please accept my most sincere gratitude for the enthusiasm, motivation and commitment of all your teachers... SVCP College is everything a parent could wish for their child. The commitment, enthusiasm and dedication of your teachers are just amazing, and my son's results reflect their efforts - a job well done.”

Dr. Naresh Tongay

"SVCP is a good college situated in Sinhgad Campus which is a safe environment for students to study. Teaching is good and the premises are clean and most importantly, the college follows a strict discipline and schedule."


“Excellent infrastructure and excellent teaching method”

Mr. Bapurao Sahadu Khamkar

“I want to appreciate the following- the personal attention given by the dedicated staff members to the students”.

Mr. Ramesh Dattatraya Bhose

“The overall environment of college is good and what we found the most impressive is the teaching is excellent. Students enjoy college life as well get opportunities to explore extra & co- curricular activities too.”

Mr. Sanjay Joshi

“I think Sinhgad Institute is the best platform for the students where they get motivated and boosted by the well qualified & experienced staff and the good friends they make here”.

Lineswala Bharat

“We were a bit skeptical about sending our child to Sinhgad Institutes as it was very far from our house and on a hill-top. But gradually we realized that it’s worth all the miles when your child is learning in Sinhgad Institutes. This college has given everything to the students. Children never complain about the college or their Faculty members. It’s nice to see them graduate from Sinhgad Institutes.”

Swetha D Daga

“We are glad that our son is in Sinhgad Institutes. All the Faculty members are very supportive and interact with both students and parents. Sinhgad Institutes is really number one when it comes to knowledge and discipline.”

Ratnakar Bajare


“Just a few words about SVCP… it really is one of the best colleges out there. I couldn't have asked for more; the teachers were so helpful to me, whenever there was anything I needed they were always there without delay. The dedication, support and motivation of each staff are remarkable and enable students like myself to achieve their dreams! The facilities were just amazing and the place felt homely. The SVCP experience is definitely one that I will never regret. It is one of the best decisions of my life and I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to study here.”

Karan Tongay(SYCM )

“I'm very pleased that I study at SVCP as it is one of the best diploma colleges in Pune.  The college consist all the major departments of engineering and the teaching staff is highly qualified."

Varad Shevade (SYCM)

“Acknowledge the efforts taken by the staff to educate us”.

Kartik Pathak(TYEJ )

“I want to go for higher education in Sinhgad Institutes because of its excellent facilities and the beautiful campus.”

Priyal Doshi (TYEJ)

“Sinhgad is a perfect combination of education with fully equipped infrastructure.”

Shinde Ganesh (TY IT-I)

“The Seminars organized by the staff help us to gain knowledge about current technology in IT field”.

Priyanka Powar(TY IT-II)

“It was my dream to take admission in SVCP and it came true in the year 2010 when I secured admission to this famous institute. I realized that it was one of the best institutes in Maharashtra. The faculty members are highly educated, well experienced, and supportive and they always connect the syllabus to their industrial experience. The infrastructure is excellent with all the handy requirements, well –maintained laboratories, libraries with all the required instruments given us an exposure to practical use of everything through this institute. If your choice is to seek admission to do Diploma in engineering then,” SVCP” is the best choice.

Support of S.V.C.P. and our Passion is the mantra for success.”

Anuj H Gujal(T.Y.M.E.-1)

“Sou. Venutai Chavan Polytechnic is empowered as the most crucial base of Sinhgad Institute. I am one among the humongous group of the student community enhancing their knowledge through this institute. It has been a great pleasure to share the most unique features of our college.  SVCP institute deals with the all-round development of students.

The institute is composed of excellent teaching staff with high qualification perfectly suited to teach their subjects. Each staff encourages to strengthen the young minds to do hard work to achieve ones goals.

We mostly get attracted towards the perfection in the infrastructure of the Institute. All basic facilities & amenities are provided unquestionably. The building of SVCP provides neat & clean environment. The well designed classroom & workshops enhances the pleasure of learning.

Along with quality education various extracurricular activities are organized in the college. The college arranges various sports & cultural events for us to put forward our innate talents.

I am proud to be part of such a great & popular institution.        “

Apurva Rashinkar(SY ME-II)

They say ‘All that glitters isn’t Gold’. I doubt it.

Being a part of Sinhgad Institutes had been all glittery when I came in and after 2 years in Diploma I have realized IT IS actually gold.

Students have everything here. Right from a neat parking space to accommodate almost 3000 bikes and 500 cars everyday, to a properly managed infrastructure in each college in this campus - they have it all. They also have a very efficient security system which is maintained round the clock for the safety of everything and everyone.

The whole campus is incredibly huge and filled with everything from food to e-gadgets. You name it and you get it. Neat and clean hostels, canteens and eateries throughout the campus make it more appealing to visit the college every day. Cultural events are just never to be missed. It is not that every college brings national and international celebrities just for the ‘Students’ during events. SVCP does it.

Apart from fun, the Faculty members are really awesome. A visit to other colleges will prove my statement. We have highly educated and experienced faculty members, best equipments, latest technology and all that students want for learning. A huge six storied library is not much seen in colleges, but it is seen here.

Discipline- is observed and acknowledged here. It is not easy to get away with, if you are caught violating the discipline at Sinhgad Institutes.

It’s really nice to be a part of something so huge and magnificent and I am looking forward to complete my graduation from here itself. This place is beautiful, lively and efficient all at the same time.

Shrenik D Daga(TYCM-I)

Sinhgad Institutes is firstly very huge and filled with everything. All the students studying in Sinhgad Institutes respect discipline a lot. We are given all the amenities. Being a part of such a huge institute, it’s our responsibility to maintain the discipline in the campus.

A very highly educated team of professors are there to help us to challenge our own limitation and encourage us to perform better every time. The college infrastructure is well managed with very healthy environment.

Studying in Sinhgad Institutes has helped us to extract the best within us. It produces a ton of talented and knowledgeable students every year. Really feels Happy to be a part of it.

Prathamesh Bajare(TYCM-I)