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Student Clubs

Nurturing the future

With much enthusiasm and positive approach, Director Sinhgad Business School Dr. Vijaya Puranik, all the teachers, first year and the second year students had gathered together on 28th august, 2017, for the announcement of  college General Secretary and for the introduction of eight clubs for various activities related to students.

Ms. Aalima khan from second year HR, and Mr. Pranav Dahule, from second year finance, have been announced as the college GS, 2017-2018. By happily taking over the responsibility they promised to work hard, abiding the college norms and maintaining the transparency.

They introduced about 8 clubs which are as follows-:

1. Newsletter Club-

On monthly basis under the guidance of Prof. Harshali bhalerao, newsletter would be published, which would contain all the events held in a month, various achievement achieved by the students, articles, etc.

2. Solicitor’s Club-

It would look after arranging for all guest sessions and guest speakers to be conducted in the allotted time slot for both the first and second year students under the supervision of Prof. Harshali Bhalerao.

3. Placement Club-

To groom the students of SBS for the corporate world, they would be trained for interviews, GD’s, verbal communication and CV writing under the guidance of Ravi panicker sir and Prof. Pallavi patil.

4. Cultural Club-

To mould and train the students for various cultural events like dancing, singing, street play, fashion show in order to make SBS shine in various inter college events like spectrum and karandak under the supervision of Prof. Vrinda Pandit.

5. Events Club-

This club would emphasis on various events held by SBS like Roop Ganesha che, teacher’s day, battle intellect etc. to make the students involved in co- curriculum with guidance of Prof. Sridevi Chennamsetti

6. Sports Club-

Sports are equally important and enhance once personality. This club would provide the students to show case their talent of being a good player under the guidance of Prof. Dr. kotasthane.

7. Photography Club-

To keep a record and memorise the achievements, this club would capture all the events and success stories of the entire SBS.

8. Creativity Club-

It has been brought into action to make SBS look more smart and attractive in every event.

These groups have been formed with the objective to work smoothly, systematically and to make SBS proud by following the college norms and rules.