Grievances & Anti Ragging Cell

The Grievances and Anti Ragging Cell:

The cell will deal with Grievances and ragging complaints received in writing from the students about any of the matters relating to academics, financial and/or other matters.


  1. The cases will be attended promptly on receipt of written grievances and ragging complaints from the students
  2. The cell formally will review all cases and will act accordingly as per the Management policy
  3. The cell will give report to the authority about the cases attended to, and the number of pending cases, if any, which require direction and guidance from the higher authorities.

Procedure for lodging complaint:

  1. The students may feel free to put up a grievance in writing or verbal manner to the Director.
  2. The students may feel free to put up a grievance in writing and drop it in boxes that will be collected by the Grievance Cell.
  3. The Grievance Cell will act upon those cases which have been forwarded along with the necessary documents.
  4. The Grievance Cell will assure that the grievance has been properly solved in a stipulated time limit provided by the cell.

Conduct of Discipline for the Students:

  1. Each student shall conduct himself/herself, both within and outside the campus of the institute in a manner befitting a student of a prestigious institute. Each student shall show due respect and courtesy to the teachers, administrators, staff of the institute and to the visitors and resident to the institute and good neighborly behavior to fellow student.
  2. Lack of courtesy and decorum; unbecoming conduct within and outside the institute; will-full damage to institute property, removal of any property belonging to the institute, fellow students or other personal and residents of the institute; disturbing fellow student in their studies; breach of rules and regulations of the institute; adoption of unfair practices in tests, quizzes, assignments or examinations; noisy and unruly behavior shall constitute violation of the code of conduct.
  3. To be polite and civil and to respect the director, the tutors/lecturers and the personnel of the college in general.
  4. To show self-respect, responsibility and respect for the personality of other students irrespective of gender.
  5. To respect and appreciate the premises and property of the college.
  6. Not to provoke or harass in any way their fellow students and in general not to endanger the lives of the bodily integrity of the lecturers or their fellow students with their actions.
  7. The extreme punishment of termination of the academic programme of a defaulting student will normally be referred to the president for final decision.
  8. A defaulting student who is aggrieved with the punishment awarded may prefer an appeal to the chairman of the institute stating the reason as to why the punishment should not be awarded. The governing body shall prescribe the procedure to process such appeal.
  9. The student who has been found guilty of some major offence may not be recommended by the board for the award of degree even if all academic requirements have been satisfactorily completed.
  10. The management and the teaching and administrative personnel of the college embrace all the students with love and affection and in all their actions they are guided by the good interest, the progress and well- being of the college students.
  11. Ragging, smoking, drinking, chewing of pan, gutkha etc. are strictly prohibited in the college premises.
  12. Student must keep their identity cards always with them and show the same on demand by any faculty/official and security of the institute. Any student found smoking or under the influence of intoxication of alcohol/drugs in the institute is liable to strict disciplinary action which may be up to expulsion from the institute.
  13. Perfect silence must be maintained during class hours and college functions.
  14. Loud talking, loitering or congregating, being a source of distraction and annoyance to others is not permitted.
  15. Use of cell phone during lecture time would entail confiscation of the handset. It would be returned only after payment of a fine of Rs. 500/.
  16. Students will not operate any machinery/ equipment without the permission of the instructor.
  17. No responsibility will be accepted by the institute for any injury, loss or damage to the personnel articles of student.
  18. Students shall observe all safety precautions. The institute is not responsible for any accident of whatever natural in the institute, playground and during summer training and industrial training or educational tour/trip.
  19. Students are prohibited to take part in ragging, political activity or any activity which is detrimental to the dignity of the institute. Any student found violating the rule or bringing disrepute to the institute will be expelled from the institute.
  20. The students will compensate damage to institute property/furniture caused by neglect or will-full damage. Defacing the walls or in state property will be viewed seriously.
  21. To observe self- discipline, cleanliness and punctuality.
  22. NOTICE BOARD- All important notices concerning various activities are put on the notice board. Students are required to read the notice board every day. They are also required to note that whenever the college arranges official tours, picnics, ‘a no objection certificate’ from the parents of the students will be taken and teachers will accompany them. A notice of this effect duly signed by the college authority will also be put up on the notice board. In case the student go for hiking/tours/picnics organized by  private groups or unofficially on their own, the college will not bear responsibility for any mishap and the students will go at their own risk.


  1. All powers relating to discipline and disciplinary action are vested in the Director.
  2. The Director may delegate all or such powers as he deems proper to any of the official of the institute. Each member of the staff has authority to forbid disorderly behavior within the institute.
  3. Without prejudice to the generality of power to enforce discipline under the ordinance, the following shall amount to acts of gross indiscipline:
    • Ragging in any form within premises of the institute, public transport or surrounding of the institute. Please refer to detailed rules regarding prevention of ragging.
    • Physical assault or threat to use physical force against any member of the teaching, non-teaching staff of the institute and against any student within premises of the institute, public transport, surrounding of the institute.
    • Carrying or threats to use of any weapon.
    • Any violations of the provisions of the civil rights protection act 1976.
    • Violation of the status, dignity and honor of any student.
    • Any practice, whether verbal or otherwise, derogatory to women.
    • Any attempt of bribery or corruption in any manner.
    • Willful destruction of the institute property.
    • iCreating ill will or intolerance on religious or communal ground.

4)Without prejudice to the generality of his powers relating to the maintenance of disciplines and taking such actions in the interest as may deem to him appropriate, the president/ Director  may in the exercise of his powers aforesaid, order or direct.

    • That any student or students be expelled.  OR
    • That any student or students be, for a stated period, rusticated.  OR
    • Not allowed to attend a course or courses of study in a department of the institute for a stated period.
    • Be fined.
    • Be debarred from giving a departmental examination or university examination.
    • That the result of the student or students concerned, in the examinations in which he/she appeared be withhold or cancelled.
    • That the student be suspended from the institute till completion of pending enquiry.

5)The institute authorities shall have authority to exercise all such disciplinary powers over students as they may find necessary for proper conduct of the institute.

6)Without prejudice to the powers of the president, detailed rules of discipline and proper conduct in class room/ laboratories/institute campus may be supplemented where necessary by Director / heads of the departments. Each student shall be expected to study and follow these rules.