Entrepreneurship Cell

Glimpses 2017-18

The Entrepreneurship Cell equips students to run valuable entrepreneurship programs – programs that go beyond generating awareness and begin developing key skills and knowledge.

  • The course provides solid grounding in the most effective entrepreneurship teaching methodologies, with an emphasis on experiential learning.
  • Students will be able to design, develop and run exciting programs that arm students with basic entrepreneurship skills including: idea generation; opportunity evaluation; business modeling; creating back-of-the envelope cash-flows; and negotiation and sales.
  • MBA SIBAR Students are able to engage short-duration programs that kick-start excitement on campus and help students develops critical entrepreneurial skills and tools, including being able to:
    • Effectively generate and communicate business ideas in a structured environment.
    • Evaluate opportunities using fixed parameters and framework.
    • Develop initial business models using key assumptions.
    • Assess and calculate the investment requirement to reach cash-flow break-even.