Working With Sinhgad

Ajay Ramteke

I joined STES on 27th Jan 2005 as a lecturer. STES management support and Institute's infrastructure helps me a lot for doing my research work in the filed of image processing. Currently I am working as Asst Prof. in SIBACA - MCA. SIBACA is a unique Institute dedicated to deliver quality education in compliance with academic and Industry requirements in the field of Information Technology and Management. SIBACA is known for strong moral principles & discipline.

Prof. Ajay Ramteke
Assistant Professor
SIBACA, Lonavala


I joined STES on 2nd April 2008 and it’s been 8+ years now. Since I started my career, I wanted to be in Education sector, and I was searching for decent break, got a call from STES and fortunately could convert that call into a job. I am growing every day in terms of knowledge and expertise, but growing along with the organization. STES has not only given me a good start in academics but provided all resources to groom myself in all dimensions. I have gistered for PhD under Computer Science Faculty at RTM Nagpur University, STES has handful of PhD holders, all of them are helpful. This is the beauty of this organization that we are close as family yet professional. The best thing with STES is, people are not forced to anything but management here believes in “One is most productive in the area of his/her interest”.  Every employee of STES is aligned with the vision of President, Prof. M N Navale and result can be seen in the growth of organization vertically and horizontally. I am trying my best to contribute in the growth of STES in all possible ways. I wish to continue my services to STES till I retire.

Prof. Ajit Pandey
Assistant Professor
SIBACA Lonavala