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Department of Information Technology at RMD Sinhgad School of Engineering was established in the year 2013. The RMD Sinhgad School of Engineering offers an undergraduate B.E. Course in Information Technology. Also, to meet the growing demands of present day technologies RMD Sinhgad School of Engineering has started post graduate studies in Information Technology from the year 2013-2014. Designed in a way so as to provide the students with fundamental concepts and tools related to the field, the B.E. (Information Technology) emphasis son all basic subjects such as operating systems, computer architecture and design, software development, networking, multimedia and graphics, analog and digital communication and computer Communications.

The department has qualified and experienced faculty to impart quality teaching to students. The students are motivated to achieve excellence not only in academics but also their overall development.


Educational Goals/Objectives:

Department of Information Technology aims to integrate knowledge and information from engineering, natural science, social science and fine arts to produce creative and responsible experts in information technology. We also encourage our students to cultivate high work ethics. Our educational goals and objectives can be summarized as follows with the catch phrase of ‘Academically and Industrially Incorporated Education System to Produce Integrated IT Professionals':

  • To produce IT experts with high work ethics;
  • To produce versatile IT experts who can take care of diverse demands from the industry; and
  • To produce IT experts who are willing to be part of future technology.


A blend of Computers and Telecommunications, Information Technology has changed the lives of people globally with applications apparent in every walk of life. It empowers the younger generation with knowledge of recent advancements in this sector and provides them with a platform to work in various industries such as banking, insurance, communications, etc. Other popular areas that encompass scope for IT and have grown in the recent years are medicine, E-Governance, entertainment and multimedia, scientific research, business intelligence solutions and knowledge discovery in databases.

Career Opportunities:

  • The course prepares students for career in software, web based applications, software engineering and information system industries.
  • The students can also opt for opportunities as managers, freelance workers, project managers and multimedia authors.
  • Career as Network professional.
  • Students can also opt for higher studies in the related discipline.


Having technical strength at hand, the future of the graduates from the Department is bright and shiny. For private employment, our graduates qualify all kinds of jobs from the cloud development engineers, cloud / network management engineers to the large demand for mobile phone / tablet development engineers. For public employment, the Department also counsels students on participating in the information class or college entrance examination of information engineering, and strive to serve as information officers in government jobs opportunities. Highly creative students are encouraged to team up to form the cooperative groups offering a variety of network services. In an increasingly global marketplace, our rich experiences, backgrounds and skills in creating diverse employments are fully embraced to meet the diverse needs of your choice.

Sweta R. Kale

Assistant Professor & Head

Department of Information Technology