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Department of First Year Engineering

From the Desk of the HOD


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The Curriculum of First year Engineering has the objective of introducing the student to Design and development of scientific principles to the modeling of various engineering systems like Mechanical system, Electrical system etc. This requires the core knowledge of mathematical tools, Physical Science and soon. Engineering mathematics introduces the student to use of metrics, complex numbers, Advance techniques of integration like Beta function, Gamma function, Multiple Integrals which lays strong foundations for the courses like Electromagnetic Engineering at later stage. The knowledge of solid state & physics is imparted at this level to make them understand the concepts of Electronics and Electronic device which is then useful in second year and third year engineering courses. The understanding of various materials to be used for the designing of mechanical tools is given in basic mechanical engineering. The construction material, the variety of soil, pattern of Rocks beneath the ground, ground water level, the basic principles in designing the structure etc make the part of Basic civil Engineering and Engineering mechanics. In the modern era of computer software’s, it is essential to have sound knowledge of programming languages. This is taken care of in Fundamentals of programming languages. The testing of various chemical materials, their effect on environment etc. requires the adequate knowledge of physical chemistry, various manufacturing process require in depth study of inorganic and organic chemistry. The course on applied chemistry helps in these aspects. The designing of machine tools, Buildings, structure requires the understanding of drawings, scales mapping etc. which is deal with in the curriculum of Engineering Graphics. Workshop practice deals with handling of various machines their functioning and usage.

We at first year engineering department are a team of knowledge, dedicated hard working teachers who help the students in their endeavor to develop scientific fervor, learning spirit, group dynamics which promotes competitive skills among them. Our efforts are to develop the ready Engineers of tomorrow with the appropriate skill sets required to coexist in the society.


Dr. S. P. Jagtap
Department of First Year Engineering