Ph.D. Research Topics Of Students


Name of Student

Name of the Guide

Year of Admission


Medha Gokhale

Prof. Dr. Milind V.Telang


Street-Space Characteristics with respect to Pedestrians’ Needs, Case of Pune city, Maharashtra, India.

Priyamvada Nitin Chitale

Prof. Dr. Milind V.Telang


Contribution of Social, Spatial Characteristics towards Students’ Behavior and Learning in Primary Schools, Pune Municipal Area.

Uma Jadhao

Prof. Dr. Milind V.Telang


Achieving sustainable Rural development through decentralized planning and infrastructure development.

Narkhede  Parag  Govardhan

Prof. Dr. Milind V.Telang


Identifying The Factors Of Urban Housing Change And Evolving Guidelines For Future Housing Development: Case Of Pune, India

Davalbhakta Vaishali

Prof. Dr. Abhijit  Natu


Influence Of Religion In Evolution Of Built Heritage Of Pilgrimage Places In Maharashtra.