Architecture Oath,

Architecture is my chosen profession and I am aware of the significant contribution of the architectural fraternity in shaping the human habitat throughout the world.

I am proud to join this exclusive community of professionals and undertake to ensure:

That my professional activities shall not conflict with my general responsibility to contribute to the quality of the environment and future welfare of society

that I shall apply my skills to the creative, responsible and economic development of my country,

that as an architect I shall strive to provide professional services of a high standard, to the best of my ability,

that as an architect I shall maintain a high standard of integrity

that I shall conduct myself in a manner which does not bring the fraternity of architects & students of architecture into disrepute.

That as a student I shall recognize and respect the contribution of my teachers and my Institute in shaping my career as an architect.

I promise to abide by this oath throughout my future career as an architect.