Principal's Desk

Dr. M.V.Telang


Respected Dr. M.V.Telang heads the SCOA. It's his in-depth understanding of architecture and years of experience that acts as a guiding light for students, and also helps in successful functioning of the college. His main aim being to groom students into balanced personalities and successful professionals, dedicated and continuous efforts are being made to achieve it. With his vision, he wishes to further improve and enhance the working of the College. Together with this, he sincerely wishes for students to put in 100% effort for the betterment of their own future, and firmly believes that SCOA students are going to be tough competition for every professional in this field.

Educational Background:
B. Arch. (J.J.C.O.A.,Mumbai), M.C.P.(I.I.T. Kharagpur), C.Val. (Shivaji), Ph.D.( I.I.T., Roorkee)

Professional Affiliations:
Fellow of the Institute of Townplanners India, Associate of the Indian Inistitute of Architects, Registered with the Council of Architecture, Registered Valuer with the Govt. of India

A total of 36 years of professional and teaching experience. Has held the positions of Chief Town Planner of Urban Development Authority, Vishakhapatnam and Principal of S P S M B H's College of Architecture, Kolhapur. He has designed a number of notable township, architectural and interior design projects. Has written more than twenty-five research papers, many of which have been published in national Journals. He has given lectures and conducted work-shops for faculty and students and has been on jury panel at many leading schools of architecture in India. Has been invited as a Jury for NASA trophies on many occasions. He has been appointed by the Council Of Architecture on experts committee to inspect various colleges of Architecture in India. He has been the Chairman of Indian Institute of Architects Kolhapur Center and the Vice President of Rotary Club of Kolhapur. He is a member of Board of studies in Architecture of Pune and Solapur Universities. He is currently The President of Maharashtra Association of Schools of Architecture. He is presently guiding five PhD students.

Architecture was born in prehistoric times along with cave art. Man is not satisfied with mere shelter and always seeks something more aesthetically satisfying. As long as mankind is thriving, architects are bound to prosper. Even in the coming computer age, architects have a bright future ahead of them, because though the computer can perform repetitive tasks, it cannot be creative. Hence perceptive people, especially those with an ability to visualize and design for an updated reality are going to be in great demand in the new millennium. New avenues of employment like art direction and set design ,virtual reality, web designing, product design, facilities and construction management, landscaping and environment planning are opening up for architects, in addition to the traditional architectural practice.

The Sinhgad College of Architecture has been founded with the objective of bringing forth well-educated, informed and motivated architects equipped with ultra-modern skills, who can contribute towards building a humane society for the future by taking up the task of visualizing and designing for the human habitat with confidence and integrity. It is our primary objective to ensure the highest level of academic standards along with the spirit of creativity and growth in every individual. It is the endeavor of this institute to establish and nurture a heaven of academic excellence, creativity and personality development in which the budding architects can thrive. Thus we encourage our students to look at the world beyond mere academics by providing a wider exposure through a series of guest lectures and workshops by experts in architecture and related fields. Perceptual sketching and workshop practice on one-hand and computer skills on the other are especially emphasized.

Architecture is an all-encompassing discipline and thus the education of an architect cannot be effectively accomplished in isolation from other related arts, crafts and sciences. The Sinhgad Technical Education Society already runs Schools, Arts Commerce & Science Colleges Polytechnic, Engineering, Management and Pharmacy colleges along with the Architecture and Interior Design Colleges. It is proposed to start departments of Graphic arts, Interior Design, Product Design and Fashion Design that would ultimately form components of an institute of design. This will ensure synergistic development of all discipline together.