About the Course:

  • Two years full time course affiliated to Pune University, approved by the Council Of Architecture and Government of Maharashtra.
  • Multidisciplinary approach of Profession reflected in course structure.
  • Focus on Exploring Various realms of the HERITAGE , Shaping Conservation Philosophy
  • Live Projects – Ongoing Site experience.
  • Public Interface achieved with Heritage Walks & Guided Tours.
  • Interactive Seminars.
  • Technical Hands On Workshops with Expertise.
  • World Heritage Day Celebration

Course Philosophy: with special emphasis on Multi-disciplinary approach.

Complexities arising out of development efforts demand planning experts to be well versed with many aspects associated with built environment.  Heritage is one of it. Hence expertise from any specialized stream should be trained with multidisciplinary approach. Our course focuses on Multi-disciplinary approach by integrating various streams related to Heritage conservation. A stress is also laid on philosophical underpinnings as Philosophy forms the foundation of conservation practices. The training aims at equipping the architects with the sound technical knowledge by bridging the gap between the classroom and the field.