About the course

As the total intake of the college is 160, we have divided this in four Divisions of 40 students each. All these divisions will have the same course content as prescribed by the Council of Architecture & the University of Pune.

In addition to this we have a special emphasis on a particular discipline of architecture to cater to the enhanced nature & scope of architectural practice today. Hence each division will have an additional elective subject related to its philosophy, over & above the syllabus, and its design philosophy is expected to reflect in the subject of architectural design which is the core subject in architecture. Given below are the details of objectives for the division of Sustainable Architecture


B. Arch. (Sustainable Architecture)

Philosophy & Objectives.

Maintaining the ecological balance is vital for the future of the human race. Urbanization & the ensuing construction of buildings is the largest single component responsible for disrupting this balance, hence the onus is on the architectural fraternity to address this issue through architectural design.

We need to emphasize on sustainable design practices, in response to the global & local demands for such expertise. The course shall enable students to analyze the impact of the built environment on the ecology, based on the National & International standards like GRIHA & LEED. There is a great demand for Professionals with this expertise in design studios and in the monitoring agencies & Governmental bodies all over the world, enlarging the scope of employment opportunities.