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Pre-placement activities



Facing Interviews

Arrange Training programmes for soft skills and for interview facing skills for the students using institutional and external expertise.

Facing Group Discussions

Now a day’s Group discussion is used as effective tool of the selection process by many organizations. At SIMCA we have conducted mock rounds of Group Discussion for each students and make them aware about common mistakes and misconception about Group discussion process.

Professional Resume Writing

We continue to help our student improve their social skills with timely seminars on presentation delivery, CV writing etc.

Cracking Aptitude Exams

Aptitude tests consist of basic problems in quantitative ability, logical reasoning and verbal ability. Google the past aptitude test question papers of the respective company, and solve those for practice. Generally, it is seen that the questions do tend to repeat. The website is quite handy as it has past papers of almost all companies.

Internship Projects

The aim of the T&P Cell is to try for more than 100% employment of the students. However presently it follows policy of One Person One Job i.e. a candidate selected for one job is further restricted to face other recruitment.However,to help the students to get the job of their choice, the students may be permitted by the T & P Cell to obtain more than one offer letter during the initial days of the commencement of the placement i.e. in the month of July / August for 3rd year students.It is the policy of the institute to allow those students who have not been placed to appear in the campus drives organized in other institutes.

Preparing Mock Exercises

Before the actual placement process starts, we have conducted mock interview in the college premise with presence of industry personnel to give a real life interview experience to students.. Each students were given feedback for their respective performance and areas of improvement. This has helped students in identifying weak areas and working on it. The interview process was completed in three phases for Marketing/Finance/HR students.

Recruitment and Placement Sessions

This is generally a pre-placement talk where the representatives of the company talk about its history, accomplishments, major services/products, etc. It is, without exception, excruciatingly boring. The only thing you gain out of it is that you find out a few crucial facts about the company which can help you in the interview.

All the queries regarding job profile, location of placement, and other HR related stuff are addressed. So if the company is offering an IT job but you want to go only in the core electronics sector, better not sit for the company. They also tell you about the “service bonds” the company has.

E.g. TCS and L&T have a 2 year bond, i.e. if you leave the job before completion of the bond period you have to pay a fine of Rs. 50000/-.

Some companies like Philips might not make you sign a bond. Such companies are preferred by people who are sure that they will have to leave their job for higher studies.

Arranging Seminars and Technical talks

To arrange lectures by corporate experts for giving technical knowledge.

Professionals from various industries visit the Institute and interact with students on regular basis and guide them in accordance with the industry norm and standards.