Accredited by NAAC with "A" Grade

Working with Sinhgad

I found myself very lucky to be a part of STES especially, SIMCA. It was an opportunity I was always looking forward to. One of the happiest moments of my life was when I got the appointment letter of SIMCA in October 2006.
Since 2007 I am working with SIMCA and day by day the excitement is increasing only. This warm and homely feeling will not be there anywhere. So many factors are behind that. First and foremost is our MCA director Dr.S.D Mundhe. The support , guidance and care that we are getting from them is uncomparable. I could never forget the support which I got from college at the time of my difficulties and that is making me more sincere towards my college. Mundhe sir, whose proper guidance and support in our overall development especially in the area of research has helped me to start my work in that area. I am inspired by his cool and supportive behavior, ability to know the good and bad qualities of his staff, the keen interest he is showing in the finer aspects and betterment of our department. It has been a great experience working with them. Also our former directors, Dr.Sachin Kadam, Dr Prasad and Col.V.V.Jadhav. I was also inspired by Mr Manish Kasbekar for his complete dedication towards SIMCA.
Another important source of encouragement are the unforgettable moments given by my students. The love and respect I enjoyed throughout my career is my greatest achievement, happiness and inspiration. I am extremely happy in working with SIMCA.

- Prof. Krishna Priya.S, SIMCA-MCA

I feel proud to say that I am a faculty member of SIMCA. The name Sinhgad Technical Education Society itself is a brand and everybody is trying to be the part and partial of the organization which is established by the eminent person Hon. Dr. M. N. Navale Sir. I personally feel that Sinhgad is my family and being a family member I enjoy working in this Institute.
I am impressed by the dynamic personality of our Director, Dr. Shivaji Mundhe and always get motivated to do the work efficiently. Her support and guidance gives correct direction to me to proceed further.
Dr. S. D. Mundhe, Director-MCA always inspires us to be best in all respects and his guidance helps us to improve and achieve our goals.
STES has provided a career platform for us and helped us to be a part of Knowledge world. We are grateful to STES and SIMCA.

- Prof. Anuradha S. Kanade, SIMCA-MCA

Being associated with STES since last 6 years, gives me the pleasure to become a part of the huge empire of education sector.
As a part of SIMCA , always I feel proud to share my knowledge with the students. Dr. Shivaji Mundhe, the constant inspiring source of enthusiasm, motivation and knowledge helped me to focus on my goals.
STES has played a vital role in my career, helped me to acquire the knowledge and stand still.

- Prof. Swati Dhotarkar, SIMCA-MCA

I am very much happy being a part of STES family as they provide me a broad platform to show my talent as well as encouraging me by allowing me to take part in various activities such as workshops, FDPs, Seminars.
If we talk about MCA programme, the broad objective of the MCA programme is to prepare graduate students for productive careers in software industry and academia by providing an outstanding environment for teaching and research in the core and emerging areas of the discipline and for the same STES SIMCA – MCA gives the students adequate knowledge and exposure to grow as a successful IT professional.

- Prof. Sunil Joshi, SIMCA-MCA

Since 2009 I am Associated with SINHGAD INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND COMPUTER APPLICATION, PUNE Here I make my Teaching Profession in dynamic workspace, I utilize and share my knowledge with students.
I experiencing the pleasure of having working under the guidance of Dr.S D Mundhe It's been immense value-add on personal as well as professional front.

- Prof. Aabha Pandit, SIMCA-MCA

Sinhgad as focusing more on my areas of expertise, geographical preferences, as well as a livable income. Variety is just one feature of a career with Sinhgad. With the unlimited number of assignments I can have the greatest opportunity to apply my skills and interests in creating solutions for various environments. Sinhgad has created a work environment that encourages freedom of thought and creativity to explore all possibilities of providing Education solutions. I feel I am with an adaptive and flexible organization.

- Prof. Shitole Pradeep Kumar SIMCA-MCA

I am proud to be a part of SIMCA. I don’t have much experience with this college ,as I have joined one month before. But still within the less period I have observed that the working conditions are very good here. Whole team is very co-operative. I thing it is the better place to work.

- Prof. Poonam Sawant, SIMCA-MCA

I am the faculty member of STES Sinhgad Institute of Management & Computer Application, Narhe , Pune since Oct 2012. Sinhgad identified successful ways to bring academics into the educational development. I am happy being a part of STES family as they provide me a broad platform to show my work as well as encouraging me by allowing me to take part in various activities such as workshops, faculty development program, Seminars.
I have wealth of experience in helping departments and institutions to incorporate new ideas and to identify relevant drivers and barriers, from this experience the pleasure of having working under the guidance of Dr. S D Mundhe.

- Prof. Prashant Chordiya, SIMCA-MCA