Director's Desk

Dr. Rajashree Shinde

Ph.D, M.P.M., M.Com. , FDP (IIMA)


“A mind once stretched by an idea, strives relentlessly to transform it into reality”

A human mind is the most complex machine in nature and developing & training it requires a lot of effort. Since you are contemplating a career in Business Management, I am sure you are aware of the challenges that nations and Organizations are currently facing. If these organisations have to succeed, they would require managers who are competent, flexible and proactive. We at SKN SSBM strive to develop such managers.

In today’s fast changing competitive environment it is necessary that an individual acquires a portfolio of management tools and analytical abilities. To satisfy these needs, we at SKN SSBM offer Management Program which is based on vast experience, we have in this field.We also provide appropriate Academic- Industry interface, so that the students meet the exact requirements of the organization. We also take interest in research and extension, so that the students can develop their views regarding the business environment.

At SKN SSBM, we believe in developing a sense of the value of individual achievement and also teach our students, teamwork, interpersonal skill, communication and other life management skills. We strive to create responsible leaders who are not only an asset to their organization but also to the society and nation. Thus stressing those great ideas can be accomplished through concerted actions with others.

I wish you all the very best for a bright career and invite you to explore the possibilities that SKN SSBM and its Management program will unveil for you.