Industrial Testimonials


Vinod Bidwaik
DSM Engineering Plastics

“With the dynamic changes occurring in the industry, the need for better and sharper possession of skills among students is the need of the hour of today’s organizations. SKNCOE’s constant focus on proficiency development in each of their student by means of enhancement in their managerial, leadership and other necessary soft skills has led the foundation and will always lead to constant generation of elevated remuneration from the industry.”


Veena Gowda
Marketing Communications Specialist,
Herbinger Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

“Social networking is not just a medium for interaction with our own group of friends and associates but it is about creating and displaying yourself as well in the corporate sights of business leaders and opportunists who are waiting to hire and utilize your special talents while steering your growth in a dynamic manner. SKNCOE programs are among those that will lead for the professional development of students and for the discover of such paths”

Mr. Pradip Lokhande
MD, Rural Relations

It was my pleasure to interact with SKNCOE students. I found them to be very active and energetic and they have zeal to learn new things. They would be definitely be an asset to join any organization.


Vinod Shastri
Master Trainer,

“Students should explore themselves in the opportunistic world waiting outside for them. SKNCOE is one of those opportunities and foundations. The Institute’s E-Cell and Entrepreneurship development activities are among some of the superlative ways for a student’s leadership and intellectual skills development.”