Accredited by NAAC with "A" Grade

Video Making Competition


Video Making Competition “ Save Mother India”

Event Date: 3/10/2018


Aims & Objective

  • To make aware about the importance of social activity among young generation.
  • To support the concept of  nurturing the environment by the help of social media
  • To make proper use social media to spread the message of saving our Mother India.


The students of first year were planned to divide in equal groups. Each group was allotted the theme in order to spread the message of saving our country from all the evils.

There was a competition arranged for this video making activity. So that through the competitive spirit the students will get the maximum reach to the audience. It was declared that the group getting highest views & likes will the winning team and will be recognized for their effort.

Execution of Program

The students were divided in the groups the students planned their video making theme. They made proper use of the resources & used the better ideas so that it could reach the highest audience. They had prepared wonderful videos & had uploaded to the facebook page.