Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Students Testimonials



Completing four years study in Electronics and Telecommunication from Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering benefited us a lot. It provided us with each and every platform for curricular as well as extracurricular activities. Professors, here are truly brilliant, experienced and ready to help at each moment of time. Management, infrastructure, classrooms, labs are really awesome and well maintained. Placement provided by our college is best in Pune. I learnt many things, which helped me to prosper as better human being and make my future bright. I am blessed and proud to be a part of this institute.

Shriram Markad


The past three years of college has been a wonderful journey. It is very fortunate for me to have spend the most important years of life in this college. I feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by such nice people. The teachers have been the most supportive, encouraging and understanding. Their frank and free nature makes you very comfortable and is noteworthy. The students here are really hard working and inquisitive. The students are so well adjusted with one another that there is no room for any animosity and each of us genuinely share each others happiness. The college working and functioning hours are so systematic and organized that it revives in us the school memories of discipline, punctuality and most importantly respect for our elders. The environment here is so positive, cheerful and full of energy that one is satisfied to have spent part of their life here.

Today if someone asks me what the college has given me? My answer would be ‘Time’.

This is because I have had the most beautiful time here with fond memories to take from the college. I am extremely humbled to have been part of this grand institution. This college is a beautiful place for learners and seekers. Thus, rightly the institution motto says that “We produce not only good Engineers but good Human Beings as well………..”. This is absolutely true and I can vouch for this whole -heartedly.





I have been studying in SKNCOE since 2009. SKNCOE has been my home for the last 4 years of my undergraduate studies. After my standard 12th I applied for admission to SKCNOE with my branch as Electronics & Telecommunication. I would be graduating in August 2013 from SKNCOE.

During our first year engineering, we were taught fundamental and essential subjects which are a prerequisite for any engineering course. We had subjects which included Engineering Maths, Basic Electrical engineering, Basic Civil engineering, Basic Mechanical engineering, Basic Electronics engineering and Engineering Mechanics. Along with these subjects an equal amount of emphasis was also given on most fundamental subject of Applied Sciences. Some subjects also had practical head along with theory part. Practical were conducted in well maintained labs with state of art instruments. Students could conduct experiments and analyze the results with ease. Practical sessions of Engineering Drawing, Basic Mechanical engineering and CAD Drawing were the best taught. Faculty member Mr Amar Pandhare has an unparallel knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering. Subjects taught by him are still crisp and clear in student’s head. Armed with the essential and required knowledge we went ahead to our second year.

In second year students were welcomed by their departments. The department of Electronics & Telecommunication is well known for its strong faculty and excellent lab infrastructure. In second year the most fundamental subject relevant to electronics and telecommunication were taught. The faculty members encouraged intense discussions amongst students and themselves. This was very helpful in mastering the concepts and theory points offered in many fundamental subjects. Signals and systems, Network theory, Solid state devices and other fundamental subjects were taught. Special emphasis was given on practical sessions, which was critical in understanding the technical concepts and features of various entities in our academic curriculum. We were given exposed to various software tools and utilities used in the industries. During the second semester as a part of our academic curriculum, we were taken on an industrial visit to All India Radio, Hadapsar. The purpose of this visit was to understand how broadcast communication systems work, which was a part of the subject Communication Theory. The students very much appreciated this visit.

In third year, we were taught on more advanced subject like Microcontrollers, Wave Thoery and Antenna etc. The fundamentals achieved during our second year helped a lot in understanding these advanced subjects. But the most important part of the third year was the mini-project. All the faculty members assisted and helped the students in developing and completing their idea for the project. As a result the students have seen some excellent and noval projects which were appraised by everyone.

Apart from academics, SKNCOE also equally focuses on extracurricular growth of every student. The faculty members assist students in organizing various events throughout the year. The department of electronics and telecommunication has two student bodies namely the SKN-ISF and ELESA. This gives us a chance to learn and make mistakes and learn again about managing and co-coordinating events. SKNCOE also has cultural events taking place every year in the college campus. Many of the students participate in these events and achieve laurels in them.

To sum it up, the department of Electronics and Telecommunication which is a part of SKNCOE as an institution is well known for its academics and has strong and excellent faculty members, with excellent infrastructure for the students to learn, grow and evolve and become great engineers. With its prime focus on state of the art technical education and an equal emphasis on extracurricular activities and research and development activities. SKNCOE is a fine choice for anyone who wishes a bright career in engineering.

Shreyansh Daga,