Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Parent Testimonials



Firstly the college being located in such a wonderful campus adjudges the institution to be highly acclaimed. The location is in a very serene environment that develops a beautiful atmosphere for learning. My daughter has been all praise for the teachers, students and proceedings of the college that we were rest assured she is doing well for herself. The curriculum for the first year with a variety of subjects to offer was impressive and the teaching methodology was appreciable. The conduct of the unit test pattern is tedious but worthy of praise. The extra-curricular activities were also a treat to hear from her.

Stepping into the second year of college my daughter seemed to like her ENTC course. We were continuously encouraging her to do well considering the fact that the second year is the most crucial of all years. Her appreciation towards all the wonderful teachers   who taught her increased even more. We were very glad to know that the teachers are so helpful, kind, understanding and welcoming to doubts and discussions alike. The concept of having a teacher guardian is also very nice as we know that the teacher is there to guide and help our child. It was indeed a pleasure to see our daughter enjoy her curriculum.

Two years gone by we saw our daughter more well versed in the knowledge she had gained.  She was happy with her studies and we were satisfied to see her so. Being in such a positive environment always reflects in your work. We could indeed see that. The combination of work, educational trips and support for extra-curricular activities is of most appreciation and worthy of note. We are extremely grateful and content that our daughter had the luck to be part of this wonderful college.


No words can express the feelings, only a gesture of deep gratitude for the founders who has ‘Transformed Hills into a Knowledge Hub’ creating opportunities for the hundreds of thousands of students. I specifically highly admire her E&TC department who has focused mainly on providing knowledgeable roots of education along with strict disciplined governance and outstanding administration and management. The encouragement and support for Extra-curricular activities is also praise worthy.

The experiences from the first minute of the day one, from admission till today in all aspects and all spheres of your esteemed Institution, Smt. Kashibai Navale College Of Engineering (E&TC) has been really nice. Naturally, this tends me to admire the college even more.  We heartily appreciate, the humble and positive response at all times from your office staff, administrative staff and Honorable professors. The most important aspect is that everyone has been very affectionate and cordial with the students as well as parents like us. The valuable guidance, self- disciplined stature and continuous communication at regular intervals are unforgettable and appreciable.

I am extremely proud and glad that my daughter is graduating from your esteemed institution, where she is being nurtured delicately and guided in a disciplined manner with invaluable knowledge. The homely and caring atmosphere creates a positive and happy environment. I am sure that she would be taking a bag-full of memories for a life time. With faith and confidence, I am sure that The SKNCOE family will prosper to greater lengths, my good wishes with them.