Information Technology


Academic Year: 2019-20

Faculty Achievements

  1. Prof. Pallavi Ahire published book on “Operating System” for SE-Computer of DBATU University.
  2. Prof. Pallavi Ahire received grant of  Rs. 200000/- on research project under IQAC,SPPU.
  3. Prof. Anuradha Kulkarni get copyright for SOPC based convolution en-coding and viterbi de-coding.
  4. Prof. Anuradha Kulkarni get NPTEL certified on “Digital Circuits” with result “Elite”
  5. Prof. Pallavi Ahire worked as chairmen, Paper setter and Reviewer.
  6. Prof. F.S. Ghodichor worked as Paper Setter.
  7. Prof. R.S. Badodekar received “Best Teacher Award”
  8. Prof. V.P. Tonde worked as Paper Setter.

Students Achievements

  1. Mr. Abhishek Kumar Yadav got NPTEL certified on “Programming in C++” with result “Elite”
  2. Mr. Vighesh Kulkarni got NPTEL certified on “The joy of computing using python”  with result “Elite”
  3. Mr. Swapnil Barhate got certified on “Google Ads and Social media”
  4. Mr. Shubham Gupta got Microsoft certification “Introduction to programming using Java script and Udemy certification in MySQL.
  5. Mr. Saurabh Maurya certified with “Data analysis with Python” from IOM cognitive class and learning Django.
  6. Mr. Pavan Sawant certified with “Advanced Google analytics” and Digital marketing.
  7. Ms. Riya Singh certified with “Machine Learning” from WAC.
  8. Mr. Ashish Tripathi , Mr. Ashutosh Ganeshkar, Ms. Supriya Anchan, Ms. Anushika Gupta , Mr. Swapnil Nagare, Mr. Saurav Roy got certified in “ Cross platform Mobile app development”
  9. Mr. Pradeep Kumar certified with “Google Cloud Application Development and Machine Learning”
  10. Mr. Apurva Lawate get certified by NPTEL in “Programming in Java”.
Academic Year: 2018-19

Faculty Achievements

  1. IT Department got “Best of Best Department Award” in 2018-19.
  2. Prof. F.S. Ghodichor got NPTEL certification on “Database Management systems” with “Elite”.
  3. Prof. Pallavi Ahire delivered guest lecture on “OOPS concepts and Java script”.
  4. Prof. A.P. Kulkarni delivered guest lecture on Logic family.
  5. Prof. F.S. Ghodichor worked as Paper setter and Reviewer.

Students Achievements

  1. Mr. Siddhant Daulkar, Mr. Saurabh Mourya, Mr. Rohit Totlani, Miss Anushika Gupta, Mr. Ashish Tripathi got NPTEL certified on “Data Structure & Algorithm using Python” with result “Elite”
  2. Mr. Ashirwad Garg, Mr. Sourav Roy got NPTEL certified on “Database management system”  with result “Elite”
  3. Mr. Shubham Gupta got NPTEL certified on “Programinng in java”, ” Machine Learning”.
  4. Mr. Sourav Kumar Roy got C++ program and Core Java certification from Microsoft Virtual Academy.
  5. Mr. Ashirwad Garg get certified by Udemy in Microsoft Azure-900.
  6. Mr. Gaurav Kachwaha NITT certified with “Programming with Python for Data Sciences”
Academic Year: 2017-18

Students Achievements

1. The two students of BE IT (RohiniDiwakar, Aparna Chatteerjee) attended & Presented Project title “Navigation System for Blind” for Avishkar Competition -2017 on 19/12/2017 at AISSMS, Pune.

2. Two Projects participated in “GMRT Science day-2018” at Khodad, Narayangaon, Pune on 28/02/2018 & 01/03/2018 with faculty coordinator.

Academic Year: 2016-17

Faculty Achievements

1) Prof. Pallavi Pankaj Ahire got “Best Teacher Award” on 30th Sep 2016 for entire Sinhgad Institute of Technology, Lonavala.

2) Prof. P. P. Ahire was invited as a “Resource Person” on 7th July 2016 by Board Of Studies-IT for faculty development program on the subject of PSOOP-SE IT, organized by PVG in association with BoS-IT, SPPU.

3)      Prof. P. P. Ahire was invited as a “Resource Person” for Student Training Program (STP-I) on 26th Aug 2016 by HOD, Computer Department, SKNCOE, Pune. Faculties of IT & Computer Department from all over the Sinhgad Institutes were present for training.

4)      Departmental faculties Prof.N.A.Dhawas,  Prof.PallaviAhire and Prof.G.M.Gaikwad was involved in setting syllabus of for IT students in association with Board of Studies-IT, SavitribaiPhule Pune University for Academic year 2016-17.

5)      Departmental faculties Prof.N.A.Dhawas,  Prof.PallaviAhire and Prof.G.M.Gaikwad was involved in setting papers  for IT students in association with Board of Studies-IT, SavitribaiPhule Pune University for Academic year 2016-17.

6)      Departmental faculties Prof.PallaviAhirewrote 9 books and Prof. R.S.Badodekar wrote one book for the students of SavitribaiPhule Pune University.

7)      Departmental faculties Prof.N.A.Dhawas,  Prof.PallaviAhire worked as a reviewer, session chairand judge for various IEEE and International Conferences and technical events.

8)      Mrs. Vandana. P. Tonde has delivered a Guest Lecture on “System Programming” at SKNSITS Lonavala on 24th Mar 2017.

9)      Mrs. Anuradha P Kulkarni got Appreciation letter for departmental coordinator “Techtonic 2017” organized by College

10)  Mrs. Supriya B. Jadhav Worked as a Judge for Snippets Competition   “Techtonic 2017” organized by SKNSITS College.


Students Achievements

1)      The five students of TE IT (AdheShrikant, Bole Samiksha, Gandhi Samidha, Pokharkar Kailash, VikheAbhilash) attended & successfully completed the certification training on Core Java during the period 3rd Sept to 16th Oct 2016 organized by SAE Kondhawa Campus and conducted by Sunbeam Institute of Information Technology, Pune

2)      Mr. Ayush Kumar Attended Internship at Tech Mahindra

3)      Miss RohiniDiwakar, completed internship with Persistent Pune & got opportunity to work on project

4)      Miss RohiniDiwakar attended event “Microsoft Boot Strap” at Bits Pilani Jaipur organized by  Microsoft as a Member of Microsoft Campus Club

Academic Year: 2015-16

Faculty Achievements

  • Prof. P. P. Ahire got Industry Sponsorship from KPIT, Pune for Research.
  • Prof. N. A. Dhawas, Prof. R. S. Badodekar & Prof. G. M. Gaikwad awarded membership of  International Association of Engineers (IAENG) & Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA).

Student Achievements

  • Pooja Das of TE IT certified by CISCO CCNA with 90 percentile
  • Rahul Pandita & Vikas Singh of participated in Avishkar – 2014 at JSPM's Bhivarbai Sawant Institute of Technology and Research(BSIOTR), Wagholi

Academic Year: 2014-15

Faculty Achievements

  • Prof. R. S. Badodekar & Prof. N. A. Dhawas certified by Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) & Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) for .Net
  • Prof. P. P. Ahire organized one day workshop on “BE IT Syllabus Revision 2012 Course” on 23rd March 2015 in association with SPPU, Pune

Student Achievements

  • 45 students of IT department got certified by Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) for .Net
  • Prashant Amage of BE IT developed Windows App “Learn Java”, with 30,000+ downloads