Electronics & Telecommunication






Communication and Network Lab

  • To analyze different signals using Matlab software.
  • To facilitate the students for learning various network devices, its application in various electronic circuits and measurement.
  • To get acquainted with communication between various networks by learning the computer networks related protocols .
  • To acquire the knowledge of how to synthesis and design the networks by learning the Network synthesis and filter Design subjects.

Communication Lab1

Communication Lab2

  • To understand basic theories of digital communication system
  • To design and implement digital modulator and demodulator.
  • To understand the applications of digital modulator and demodulator circuits.
  • To analyze the different electronic components/circuits in time domain and frequency domain using Spectrum analyzer, DSO’s .
  • To study different processors for video engineering platform, observe various performance parameters of Television set of different generations.

Electronics and Circuit Lab

Microwave Lab

  • To learn and acquire art of electronics practices .
  • To get acquainted with all electronics components, devices & Circuits.
  • Able to choose proper devices for any application by referring the datasheet.
  • To learn the practical aspects of microwave communications.
  • To study different instruments and components related to microwave communications practically.


Network and Power Lab

  • To get acquainted with ARM 9 boards and interfacing concepts with other peripherals.
  • To learn ARM 7 boards and also interfacing concept for 8051 board with other peripherals.
  • To analyze different electrical networks and operational amplifier.
  • To study power electronic devices, its application in various electronic circuits and measurement.

Project Lab


  • To facilitate the students for testing and debugging and implementing their projects.
  • To simulate the VHDL codes using Xilinx software ,Microwind Software.
  • To download and test the VHDL codes on VLSI Kits from Mechatronics Test Equip. & Ni2 Logic Design Spartan-6, Vertex-5, DSP, Spartan-III, Universal Board, Cool Runner.

Seminar Hall

  • The department has a seminar hall with 200 students capacity.
  • Seminar Hall is equipped with Audio and Video aids.