Engineering Sciences

Induction Program


The program was conduted on 07th August 2019 and started with felicitation of the guest and previous year toppers. Principal of the college interacted with students by giving information about the Story of Sinhgad Institute's establishment, the campus facilities and college activities. After that the guest was

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Introduced by Prof. Priyanka Chakranarayan. Mr. Deek Parassini has completed M. Sc in Business Psychology, MBA in marketing and finance. He is positive influencer and motivational speaker. He said that “Life is all positive and negativity doesn‟t exist.” He told students about positive education life and throughout the educational phase, parent and student positive relationship. He shared his college life experiences with students. He told all about positivity in life. Abhishek Gupta is co-founder of Carrier Labs. He is carrier expert of BYJU‟S. He is Gold Medalist in maths olympiad. He told about how to tackle with college and hostel life with positivecontrol.

Then IEEE club magazine inaugurate by the guest. Higher class student Tathagat Kumar and others shared their experiences about college, campus and hostel life, so new comer become relaxed. After that the IEEE Club member organized a brain storming game by asking different questions, to make the environment light.

Then the training and placement officer (TPO) of college, Prof. Yogesh D. Jadhav told the information about placement of college in the past academic years. Also give information about companies and their criteria for getting job. He told that the placement of academic year 2018-19 was 1200 and still going on.

After that head of the department of the first year Dr. P. S. Patil addressed the students. The presentation include, glimpse of STES, detail information about Sinhgad Institute of technology (SIT) followed by complete information of First Year (FE) working. The FE information included course structure, university examination pattern, internal examination, continuous assessment, Student Training Program (STP), Sinhgad Students Council (SSC), Sinhgad Oversees Cell (SOC), Campus life, and various facilities available in campus He told about the syllabus of all subjects; course objectives, newly introduced In-sem and End-sem exam pattern, marking system and passing criteria, he also told about practical knowledge getting from each subject. He told the importance of the first year in future years of engineering. Parents felt safe and secure by sir introducing Teacher-Guardian Scheme which is run by our college in this scheme a teacher will be appointed as a Guardian for 20 students who will take care of the students about academics and other and report to their parents. After our HOD‟s address, parents feel very comfortable with this college.

Then all above activities finished at 1:00 pm then there was a lunch break. After lunch break all parents and students had a campus tour by our college bus. In campus tour they visited all colleges, all boys and girls hostels, canteens and lastly they visited the famous sports complex of STES campus lonavala. Throughout this tour they experienced the beauty of nature and Monsoon environment of Lonavala.



The Institute Level FE Induction Program event started with the Welcome Speech. Event Anchor IEEE Club Student Co-Ordinator formally welcomed all the dignitaries on the dais, parents, and students from the various parts of the country. Welcome followed by SarswatiPujan and welcoming the guest of Honour Mr Anand Desai & Mr. Arvind Gupta.


Principal, Dr. M S Gaikwad highlighted  the details regarding academic performance needed and pertaining to syllabi, College & campus central facilities, expected discipline, expectation from students. Guest of honour , Mr. Anand Desai in his special address advised students about recent trends in various branches of Engineering and research and asked students to explore career opportunities in the field of  Engineering.

Prof Y D Jadhav Explained  the students about opportunities provided by Sinhgad institute to pursue higher studies overseas and Sinhgad student council facilities and  placement activity along with statistics. Dr P S Patil gave brief details regarding FE syllabus structure for Sem-I,II, Exam pattern, Online Exam structure, Passing Criteria, Textbook. Academic calendar, result analysis, TG scheme, Toppers of precious year etc.

College and Campus tour: Students are introduced with the Department Classrooms, Laboratories, Library, Internet Facility etc.




Chief Guest: Dr. Yashodhan P. Gokhale & Dr. Vishram Bapat (Principal (Rtd))

Students were gathered in classrooms for registration and for collection of Induction kits HOD, Engineering Sciences welcome the gathering followed by Address of Dr. M.S. Gaikwad (Principal), SIT, Lonavala and Key note address by Mr. Parag Kulkarni. Dr. P. S. Patil gave brief presentation of academic calendar, teaching learning methodologies, examination pattern and rules and regulations of SPPU and SIT.

Mr. Y D Jadhav (TPO) briefed the students about STP,SSC,SOC and their requirements and benefits.After serving snacks & tea, college and campus tour was arranged for the students and parents.