Alumni Cell

Alumni Cell

Formation                          -           11th May 2007

Registration Number           -           MAH/585/2007/pune/F22022

Alumni Registrations           -           Number of alumni registrations till date - 520

Nature of alumni events held in last one year

  1. Alumni meet
  2. Alumni Interaction
  3. Expert Sessions
  4. Alumni Newsletter

Extent of alumni involvement in the development of the Institution:

  1. Student- Alumni Interaction through guest lectures
  2. Contribution to Placement Activity
  3. Contribution to Consultancy project
  4. Promote Industry Institute Interaction



An Alumni meet is organized annually. The participation of alumni’s has increased every year.

The event is organized at the SIBAR campus lawn in the evening. The program includes address by the Director and a faculty member. Cultural events are held, which work as ice-breakers and bond builders between the current students and Alumni.

Awards to the alumni are judged on various criteria and to the best performers of the passing out batch are given away. Arrangement for dinner is also made.


The alumni interact with the students in the following ways

-          Weekly visit

-          Group discussions

-          Guest Lectures

-          Interaction through newsletters.

On Saturday of every week members of the alumni batch pay a visit to the campus to interact with their juniors and faculty members. The topic of discussion are on the situation in the IT industry, their working profile, guidance on current hiring trends, any future plans of their current company which might lead to hiring,  tips on soft skill improvement, etc. The alumni also make it a point to talk to the faculty regarding various issues.

Group Discussions are held by alumni, where the alumni guide the students and help in focusing their thinking on a topic given.

Guest Lectures are organized annually, where alumni share their knowledge in a lecture of two hours. The third year students are allowed to attend the lecture. The students accumulate in a good number to hear their super seniors. The feedback of the lecture have been encouraging.

News Letters have been published from this year. It is a platform for the Alumni and students to present their ideas and latest knowledge for the benefit of everyone.


The alumni contribute towards the placement of students, by informing about vacancies in different IT sectors. More and more alumni are becoming referrals for the placement activity.


Feedback from alumni is collected on every occasion. The feedback forms enquiring about their time spent in SIBAR, their current working position is collected through e-mails.  Alumni Meet feedbacks are also collected to ensure that the alumni are satisfied with the institute’s efforts and suggest improvisations.