Research Centre


SIBACA Research Center has come into existence in 2012 with all available facilities needed for researchers.About the Research Center

SIBACA has a rich tradition of research under the able guidance of Dr. Anil Nagtilak. Sinhgad Institute of Business Administration and Computer Application has Management research center affiliated to University of Pune. Research center is vibrant and active in research and having Ph.D. guides attached from all the functional areas of management subjects.

SIBACA research center publishes it own peer review journal "SIBACA Management Review (SMR) & SIBACA International Journal of Computing (SIJC)” having ISSN Bi- annually. Apart from this faculty of SIBACA is leading in research with many research papers published in International and National journals along with lots of University sponsored research projects.



SIBACA Research Centre: List of Research Guides


Name of Faculty

Area of Specialization


Dr. Parag C. Kalkar

Organizational Management


Dr. Anil Nagtilak

Financial Management


Dr. Minesh Ade

Computer Management


Dr. R. M. Patil

Computer Management


Dr. Deepak Bhambare

Organizational Management

6 Dr. Ramchandra G. Pawar Computer Management