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Powerful Network of 2,00,000+ Alumni

A Measure of Our Treasure...is our strong ever-growing Alumni network, spanning two decades plus as of now. It is firmly rooted in the Corporate labyrinth and is recognised for its suave cultural finesse. Ongoing Interaction with the Alumni infuses crucial Corporate learning woven into the Academic curriculum as value added Inputs. Our Alumni has made its presence across the rungs of the Globe’s Corporate dimension and serves as a guiding force to the present learners and the new comers. Unique feature of the Alumni is its commitment to the mentoring programme where the mentee is coached for his initiation into the corporate fold, or the Entrepreneurial mould. They serve not only as present and future employers in the placement Drive but also as resource people to validate classroom training for practical purpose.

Alumni Benefits

  • Alumni Board
  • Career Advising
  • Mentoring
  • Corporate Culture
  • Career Workshop
  • Industry Connect Session