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Electric Vehicle for Garbage Collection

RMD Sinhgad School of Engineering Warje develop Electric Vehicle for Garbage Collection

In the current scenario of increasing fuel prices and pollution are the biggest challenges in front of society. To overcome this problem, students of RMD Sinhgad School of Engineering Warje have made Electric Vehicle. This vehicle can be used to collect garbage in rural India.

Generally diesel operated vehicles are used for garbage collection which is having high cost, high maintenance and produces pollution. To solve this problem, students of mechanical department Milind Kadam, Mayur Shilimkar, Dipak Ghanavat and Prashant Shinde have designed and developed electric vehicle. This vehicle is having low maintenance and low cost. Also it is pollution free. This vehicle runs 70km in one charge. The vehicle has been fabricated in the college at a cost Rs. 65,000 only. This project could be completed with constant support of our Founder President Prof. M.N.Navale sir, Founder Secretary Mrs. (Dr.) Sunanda Navale madam, Vice President (HR) Mr.Rohit Navale sir & Vice President (Admin) Mrs. Rachana Navale Ashtekar madam.

This project has been guided by Prof. Sagar Jagdale. College Principal Dr. Vaibhav Dixit and Dr. M.V.Nagarhalli, Head of Department of Mechanical Engg congratulated the students of this project.